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Country Discussion Topics
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Mornin Ya'll...Katrina?
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Dale Anne    Posted 03-04-2005 at 05:02:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy Ya'll and good mornin....sinus cold seeming to clear up fer me today so gonna tackle outside chores and burn iffin the weather stays clear. ordered my ducklings this morning and they should be getting home april 4th...I cant wait oredered 4 different kind...cant get no ducklings off my already exsisiting ducks cause my dog eats all the eggs lol...gonna run a line fer him this weekend after building him a shelter.Katrina...hows that ole hen?....madaline still hasnt thrown her kid yet and I am getting tired of waiting lol....sure do wish I knew when she was bred to that way I would know when to be on the look out this is her first freshen that I'm aware of anyways..only bought her a year said she hadnt dropped anything fer not sure iffin he was truthful or not...I didnt think lil C[buck] could have bred her...she is a nubian[tall] and he is a pygmy[very short] he must have got her when she had her head stuck in the fence at some point lol...slick lil buck he is...Think I got Michale talked into getting some guineas after his uncle said we needed some lol...we gonna try to buy them private cause the hatchery wants near $5.00 each fer them with a 40 bird folks eat these things? I know they eat the eggs and use the birds to train dogs...but can I eat them????...and iffin so whats the best way??.....thanks in advance...Dale Anne

RN    Posted 03-04-2005 at 16:39:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dwarf goat billies known to breed large milk goats. Crossbreeds sometimes referred to as 'Kinders?'. Usually no problems for large milker to give birth of smaller kid. Problems are known to occur with Boer buck goat crosses, large kids cause trouble at birth- especially if first time for mother. Cindy had posting about goat birth troubles awhile back. RN.

egh    Posted 03-04-2005 at 05:12:43       [Reply]  [No Email]

re: eating guineas. if you like dark meat, and i do, then they are good eating fowl.

Dale Anne    Posted 03-04-2005 at 05:23:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks EGH...Half the price and all the info I need.....made my convincing hubby that much better lol...I'll be sure to tell him a man passed on this info[snickers]...see i always say only wimmens stick together lol...I wanted these birds...he said ummm nahhh to noisy...his uncle said YES! ya'll need them now another man handing over the info lol....and he cant complain about the price...not that he would after all i'm the cheapskate in the family....thanks again...Dale Anne

egh    Posted 03-04-2005 at 05:58:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
here is a link to a breeder in Texas who i have heard nothing but good things about. i`m not sure what is getting for his guineas but it won`t hurt to contact them.

Dale Anne    Posted 03-04-2005 at 06:04:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks again, thems birds are $.25 more then the first site and are also pick up only.....Thanks again...Dale Anne

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