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Country Discussion Topics
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Solar Power
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DeadCarp    Posted 06-09-2002 at 00:57:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know it's dangerous, but I was thinking again. I'll tell ya what started it: One calm winter day when it was 20 below a couple years ago, i had to move one of those stick-anywhere thermometer/barometer things off the paneling for awhile while i did some pounding. So i stuck it on the window in the sunshine. When i went to put it back, i couldn't help but notice it was reading 120 degrees! Of course the furnace was going at the time, and i had 120 degrees in the water pipes heating my house! Well of all things - the sun's doing as good as i am!
Well, then my knees ache and i get tired and one thing and another - and i run into sayings like the one below, and i'm thinking again! Anybody tried get any good outa the sun? :)

"The amount of sunshine energy that hits the surface of the Earth every minute is greater than the total amount of energy that the world's human population consumes in a year!"
-U.S. Dept. of Energy Photovoltaics Program

screaminghollow    Posted 06-10-2002 at 10:05:49       [Reply]  [Send Email]
many years ago, in the family travels, I came across a place out in the country where the guy had a water tank (without any covering) painted a medium flat green. Behind it was a semi-circle of those cheap "full length" mirrors. On sunny days the owner would flip a switch and circulate water through the water tank. I heard while he was getting the bugs worked out, he built up so much steam that he blew two tanks. He said he got the idea from the ancient greeks, who supposedly focused the relections from polished shields onto ships in a harbor and caused them to blow up. ( the Iliad, maybe.) His system cost him about $50 and his time back twenty years ago. Seems like it might work for some of you.

Hogman***that reminds me    Posted 06-10-2002 at 12:18:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
can't recall exactly where,Mojave Desart? some years ago saw a "Farm" of mirrors all aimed at one spot .Peared as tho They were Sun trackers. Not sure now what They were aimed at,was mabe a rapid cooker for Snattle Rakes'n Gila Monsters.

Ludwig    Posted 06-10-2002 at 08:07:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Doug gave you the most usefull link on this
subject there is. In fact Homepower just did a
big thing on solar water heating, you might
want to buy their last three or so issues to get
the whole scoop.
I've read that solar hot water heating will pay a
33% return every year. Compared to the
stockmarket she's a pretty good investment.
Now for the "all I know about it". My friend
Gary's got a setup. He's about as tight with a
penny as could be, I mean he's CHEAP! So
when he says its a good deal and saves you
money it'd better be. He's one of these guys
that knows the best way to save money is to
turn stuff off rather than buy more stuff so that
he's got it at all is pretty impressive.
Now, he's had trouble too. When they
installed he opted to not reenforce the roof
any. Remember he's cheap, and now, 10 odd
years later the roof has a definate sag to it. Its
not the end of the world. It could probably even
be fixed from inside without taking the panels
off, just drain 'em.
The panels themselves don't weigh diddly, but
once you start puttin water through 'em you
gain some heavy pretty quick!
Lotsa people around here put the panels on
the ground outside the house. The racks
usually sit so the bottom is 6-7 feet off the
ground. I've even seen 'em built into a

When we get our own house you can bet I'll
have solar hot water. Solar electric is still
pretty pricy, 100watts is about $600 so until
the price starts dropping I won't get real
serious about that.

Doug Stockman    Posted 06-09-2002 at 04:31:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
If you want to learn more about renewable energy and what to do with it, visit, They even let you download their current issue. Read Home Power for a few months and get a feel for what can be done with sun, wind, and falling water. We generate all our own electricity from the wind and sun and the sun provides part of the heat for our house. No sense in making the countries of the middle east stronger than they already are.

Doug Stockman
Penfield, NY

Hogman***AGAIN    Posted 06-09-2002 at 04:16:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
D.C. careful Ya don't blow a head gasket with all that thinkin but do believe Your on ta sompthin there. In tha S.West lots of things are done with Sunshine. Solar cook stoves/ovens, are a big thing,real easy ta bake Dr Burrs cookies with Sun power. The Reservation Indians use these as well as "back ta nature" folks. Using a recirculation pump which uses very little power You can heat a lot of water using several feet of plain old black garden hose layed out on tha sunny side of tha roof.Or with no pump just run tha cold line thru several lengths of garden hose on roof and feed the hot water heater with it---and,hope it never gets below freezin on cloudy days or at night.

Les    Posted 06-09-2002 at 03:37:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
My brother lives out in the woods with no electricity (too spensive to build .4 miles of line). He does very well with solar stuff, gas lights & fridge and gravity fed water. He even talked a woman into livin with him like that.
Quite a gal she is, too. She done got her own Ferguson tractor and a team of Dutch Belted oxen what weighs about a ton each. Whodda thought a Connecticut gal would ever think those things would be fun ";^o

bob ny    Posted 06-09-2002 at 04:01:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
hey les conn, is full of oxen go to fryberg fair
national finals for oxen
and count the braces of oxen from conn we used to go to all the local fairs in conn, but i got so damn old i don't do much traveling any more
you take care of all the new england states you hear

Les    Posted 06-09-2002 at 08:50:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Fryeburg ain't 50 crow flying miles from me and I ain't never been to that fair. I've heard nothin but good about it and I will go, maybe this year.
The excuse I'm using right now is that I have to go through Conway to get to it and the traffic is always wicked there, even when the fair ain't goin on.

Hogman    Posted 06-09-2002 at 03:56:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Les it would appear several of US have been blessed with realy good and wonderful Women folk.

Hope all You Lady Folk to be equaly blessed.

Les...fortunate    Posted 06-09-2002 at 08:47:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'll tell ya one thing, I got me one wicked good wife, first time out. AND she's even from Massivetaxes which, of course is WAY futher advanced than us old sh*tkickers from Cow Hampsha. She ain't innurstid in oxen but she's some kind of a singer and moosician, cook, mother & granmother. Main thing is, she puts up with me an there ben't many what would.

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