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Saw filing...any hints...
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Baggsy-Wy    Posted 06-11-2002 at 15:03:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I just unearthed (literally!) an old saw filing vice, the one with the long straight jaws that hold the saw in place. I hit it hard with PB Blaster and got it functioning again. I've got a couple saws that's smooth side almost cuts as well as the toothed side and thought I'd try the old vice out. Any hints how you resharpen the blades on one??? Thanks in advance...

Clermont    Posted 12-05-2003 at 19:28:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'm a colector of old logging tools. I'm looking for a jointer and a raker guage for a bucksaw. (ie pulp saw)
OOps. I.m sorry about that. Not too used to this internet stuff. I do however Know a little about filing saws. Logging in the early 1950s. I just noticed how long ago you posted this. If you are still interested, let me know.

Hogman    Posted 06-11-2002 at 19:41:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
To do it right You need a tooth set and saw file. But like mentioned befor, a 3 corner will do good enough ta make it cut and remember ta go tha right direction ** or left dependin which side Your on. I can well remember the carpanters all comin ta work a tad early and filin Their saws befor goin ta work. That was befor Mr Skill changed tha Craft ta wood butchers mostly. I like old hand saws and have a bunch of em but claim not ta bein a saw filer. Have tha files,and one old set.

Had a saw shop in town in 40'n 50's, old Englishman,if Ya asked Him He'd do a progressive tooth thing,start out about 12 point back to an 8 or 9. Made it real easy if You was reachin out ta cut a board gettin started on tha very end. Problem was He loved Gin and if need be He'd sell a saw for a bottle. Sorta worrisome leaven one till Ya had it back.
My Grandad would use a real small punch ta put tha set in a blade, lay it on a pine board and just use a calibrated whack. Iff'n He'd a lived longer I mighta got enough smarts ta be able ta run this blamed puter. Who knows? He died in 1936, biggest loss in My life.

Burrhead    Posted 06-11-2002 at 20:03:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hogman do you have any idea where they sell a set now????? I don't know where mine went but if I guessed I would think it's in my son's tool box.

Hogman*** GOSH NO    Posted 06-11-2002 at 20:27:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
But Lemans or Cumberland Store might still handle em. Since gettin out of Hogs I don't see many Omishers anymore but I'd expect They would know a source,Mabe? Theres one old time General Store that We get by once in a while. They don't replace stuff like that anymore,not enough call so it's "subject ta stock on hand".

Next time We are up that way I'll try and member ta stop in. If They do I'll get one for Ya. Mabe fer Me too if They have em. Size would be another thing tho, as a general rule small is tha most usable I'd recon.

PCC-AL    Posted 06-11-2002 at 18:41:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi B.W.
I have sharpened a few saws in my time, but like Les, I don't know much.
The old time guys that used the vise and file took lots of time and worked slowly. They are all gone in my neck of the woods.
I have restricted my work to chain saws only because I have found a great guy nearby that can sharpen a flat tire and he is so dumb that he hasn't discovered what his work is worth yet. I send him about a dozen circular saw blades every few months and he sends me a bill that I am ashamed to pay.
For your purpose, take an old saw and go at it.
Good luck.

Les...fortunate    Posted 06-11-2002 at 16:27:44       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I worked as a filer in a sawmill just long enough to think I know something but I really don't know much. Worked on band saws.
I assume you're talking about hand saws meant to cut across the grain and not rip. In any case, even if you're talking about a circular saw (Skilsaw), the set is almost as important as the sharpness. The only part of that saw that is cutting is the point of the tooth. If the saw has enough set in it, just get a triangular file or a mill b*stard if that's all you have and try it out. Once that point is sharp, there's nothing to be gained from continuing. If the point of the tooth ain't sharp, you ain't gonna cut nothing.
Any news on the baby front?

Baggsy    Posted 06-11-2002 at 20:28:30       [Reply]  [Send Email]
C-section scheduled Friday at 11:15...Hope all goes well. I'm getting a little n-n-n-n-nervous I think. You'd think by the third one you'd have this down pat, but I haven't yet. I just hope all goes well and they get all the wife's insides back in where they're supposed to go. I'll be sure and post as soon as we get back from town, and pray it goes good. We sure appreciate your thoughts...

Hogman    Posted 06-12-2002 at 07:32:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'll sure share prayers with Ya. Just keep tellin Her how much Ya love'er and keep holdin Her hand.

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