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Anybody tried RAZOR herbicide?
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Hal/WA    Posted 06-19-2002 at 23:07:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
I use about a gallon per year of 41% Roundup on my place to try to control some of the worst weeds. I was about out, so I tried to find a dealer that sold gallons, as I refuse to pay the $43/ quart that they want for the smaller containers. I struck out on gallons of Roundup (I do not have a pesticide license), but one farm store had gallons of RAZOR. I read the ingredients and they seem to be the same as Roundup, with the addition of some dye that is supposed to help show where you have sprayed. It was less than half as much as 4 quarts of Roundup, and quite a bit less than I paid for Roundup last year.

I am going to try the RAZOR. Anyone else using this product or have experience with it?

The store clerk had me sign for the RAZOR and asked for my address and phone number which he put on a computer form. I never had to do this before. Is this some new regulation?

Floyd Cochrab    Posted 08-02-2009 at 16:04:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hello Hal:
I recently bought 2 1/2 gallons of RAZOR because it was
much less than the cost of Roundup. As of the present I
have been unable to determine how many ounces of RAZOR to use
per gallon of water to kill all vegetation I spray it on.
ie. posion Ivy, wild violets, chick weed, etc.
Do you have any advice as to mixture proportions per
gallon of water?
Thanks for your assistance,

Morgana    Posted 06-28-2009 at 13:08:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Have you tried "Pramitol 25 E" It is to be used only in non-crop areas directions carefully......but works...

american herbicide    Posted 11-21-2008 at 18:47:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
you should be able to buy razor at any time with out any paperwork. i have used it and it works the same and is the same as roundup. the first time i used it, it only cost 54.00 per 2.5 the price is almost up with roundup. it appears to be a very good herbicide for short term control.its still cheaper than roundup

Paul Minervino    Posted 04-03-2009 at 10:01:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
While working on a quote for the State of Illinois, I ran across this posting. Zep manufactures a very good alternative to both Razor and Round Up called Weed Defeat. It is a concentrate. One gallon makes from 64 gallons of ready to use, to 32 gallons of ready to use depending on the tenacity of the vegetation. That means that by adding your own water, it will cost you between $1.31 and $2.63 a gallon. Its purchase price is about $84.00 per gallon in a case of 4-gallons or a 5 gallon pail. That it is a concentrate means that shipping is drastically reduced as well because water is very expensive to ship because of its weight. My contact information is as follows: Paul Minervino/Zep Manufacturing 773-230-9493 mobile, 773-360-5252 home. email is
Paul Minervino

Dick Hayhurst    Posted 06-22-2002 at 18:40:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hal,I use Glyphosate with a tad of dish-washing liquid (as a wetting agent).One of our biggest problems in South Australia is blackberry,it grows like razorwire here.The leaf has to be completely wet to be effective and the commercial wetting agents are more expensive than the herbicide. Best of luck.

Les...fortunate    Posted 06-20-2002 at 17:43:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hal, I have a bookmarked website on my computer at work which has all the labels for pesticides (herbicides). Just say the word and I will email you the link when I get to work tomorrow if you'd like. Since you don't have a license (I don't either but work with lots of people who do) it probably might not be the kind of thing that would be terribly useful to you.

Mudcat49    Posted 06-20-2002 at 04:21:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Any brand name containing 41% Glyphosate is the same as Roundup. Since monsanto lost their exclusive right to make Glyphosate there are several brand names on the market all cheaper than Roundup. I have used one brand for several years and the other day I went to get it my chemical supplyer had another brand, that was cheaper. Be sure to use a good wetting agent with it.

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