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Country Discussion Topics
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Well water question
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Natalie    Posted 07-06-2002 at 22:38:30       [Reply]  [Send Email]
hi, we just bought a farm that has well water.
this farm is over 100 years old.
the water has like a salty taste to me, and all the neighbors around here say it is called soda water.
when you fill a glass it is cloudy looking, clears up lickety split though.
and it is full of air. bubbles a bit like sprite for a second.
the prior people that lived here said they used the water for everything cept cooking and drinking.
the original farmers drank the water.
we are gonna have it tested but was wondering if anyone has heard of this water.
thanks so much.

kraig WY    Posted 07-07-2002 at 07:30:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You can call one of the companys that sell water purification systems. They will check the water for you and tell you what you have to do to filter it out. Then you can decide. It shouldn't cost anything for the test and you keep the Government out of your business. I had mine tested by three differant companys and didn't cost a cent. My problem was gypson. Can't get rid of that. Had to put in a systrum and haul water for the house.

Debbie in Virginia    Posted 07-07-2002 at 06:43:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
My husband says if it is a shallow well that has a cement casing where some water is stored, then you can add small amounts of Clorox (small capful at a time) to the well to sweeten it. Won't do anything for air bubbles, though. He says it sounds like you have a pipe well sunk into an aquifer, in which case you can't add the clorox because it will only sit right around the pipe, and drinking it could be bad. Call your local extension office for info. You might not want to get that test done by your local health department, but send the sample to an outside lab. The less the government agencies know about your well, the better. If you get a test result back with something bad (ex. e coli) the HD people can make you jump through a lot of hoops, and actually make you move, or at least drill a new well. They do unfortunately have the power to make you seal off a well THEY determine is not salvageable. Best of luck, and be careful who you talk to about this problem!

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