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Country Discussion Topics
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Nervy ex wife
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screaminghollow    Posted 07-19-2002 at 22:53:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
a guy I know split up with his wife in SC. and was tranferred here to PA. When it came time for the fianl divorce hearing, he took off from work and went back to SC to testify. The ex didn't show, the judge gave him the divorce. He was tight on $ and drove straight back to his apt here in PA. got back after midnight, dead tired. He tried to open the apt door, but it was chained from the inside. As he tried to fumble with it, cops show up and tell him to spread against the wall. Then the cops explain that his wife is in his apt. and called them about the threats made to kill her. He has to go stay with a friend that night. The next day, he is served with a domestic abuse order. he can't call her, go near HIS apt, etc. When the two weeks goes by and the hearing is held, she testifies that he begged her to come to PA to live with him. That when she got here, he must have forgot to leave a key in the mailbox, so the nice apt manager let her in. When he showed up late at night,, she thought drunk, he threatened to kill her. and she was afraif because he had been in the special forces and had been trained in all kinds of ways to kill. She asked the judge for an order that he have to pay for the apt and let her live there for a year. Fortunately a former buddy expressed a copy of the divorce decree. and he got from his from his SC atty, a copy of a recent letter she wrote threatening to get even with him and make his life miserable. Thankfully the judge saw through this witch and held her over for false police report, and perjury. But during the two weeks she was in his apt. the damage was unbelievable. She urinated on his furniture, poured milk in the heater vents. and collected dog doo out in the lawn for in his tub. After two weeks it was a maggot crawling mess. The stench still isn't totally gone.

Nathan(GA)    Posted 07-20-2002 at 11:35:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm glad it was a smart judge. Seems they are hard to find these days. Glad it worked out for the best too.

EIEIO    Posted 07-20-2002 at 05:48:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am going to try to post in a manner that will not get eveyone upset. I am a divorced woman so I know of where I speak. (I am now happily married to Dennis, thank God, which I do every single night.) It seems as though when a divorce is pending SOME men and women do a complete metamorphose and turn into something evil. While going through a painful divorce I had to keep reminding myself that I loved the man I married I just didn't like what he turned into, plus having children I would be tied to this man for the rest of my life. We did have a "friendly", if there is such an animal divorce. Why people have to seek revenge and have a "I'll get them attitude", is beyond me. In this case I do sympathize with the man, all a woman has to do is call the police and yell abuse. No proof, no witnesses nothing and the man is arrested. I have seen too many of our friends have their visitation rights taken away, put in jail, etc because of one phone call. There is no answer. As hard as it is you just have to pray for these people. Your friend is in a "no win" situation and is darn lucky the judge saw through this vindictive action. I wish him luck and believe me there are a lot of good woman and men out there who have gone through a divorce with maturity.

Hogman    Posted 07-20-2002 at 00:45:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hel! hath no fury like a Woman scorned !!!!

DeadCarp    Posted 07-20-2002 at 14:33:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Amen to that Hogman - amen to that. You can hang a roll of toilet paper behind the bosses toolbelt every day and he'll wish you'd sober up. Wiggle one eyebrow at his secretary though, and you'll never be a journeyman! heh heh

realfarmer    Posted 07-20-2002 at 00:18:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Another advantage to being single while being in the SF. Main headache was overhauling a 1960 Corvair in a sandy Fort Bragg parking lot. Oh yeah, the training too. But hey, three per cent of us finished it.

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