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Country Discussion Topics
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Horse heartache!!!
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jamo    Posted 07-22-2002 at 12:15:47       [Reply]  [Send Email]
First of all thanks for listening. I had a horse last summer(28yrs old and after a month he died) now we have a new horse. Mind you, I am totally inexperienced where equine are concerned but it is a life long dream for me. "Major" is as sweet as can be. Let's the kids play dress up Barbie and the likes, behaves when they are riding, and just couldn't be any sweeter. Got him from way down south of me in Mitchell IN. Paid $1500. He's a registered walker and the gal made sure he had his shots(includind WN) the farrier was there too. Well, the vet came to give him his booster for WN and seems he has a pronounced heart murmurr(sp) I am so distraught. My vet says no other vet could not have detected this. I love him all the same and will see him through this till the end, but what about the gal that sold him to me. Should I believe that he even had any vaccines? My vet says that even with his heart problem he has several good years, and that horses of his nature sure are hard to come by, I agree, but what about my little girls and what they're gonna go through if he becomes ill? Maybe I'm just venting, but this hurts. What to do ? Anything, or just let it drop and love him the best I can? Any suggestions on care for him would be apprieciated! Thanks all.

Hogman    Posted 07-23-2002 at 20:41:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bein in tha horse business at one time there is one fact of life You must always keep in mind. For some unknown reason horse people are made up of some of tha finest people You could ever hope ta know and by tha same token some of tha most lowdown,thievin,lian,cheatin examples of worthles scum this earth has ever been subjected to.
Unfortunatly it is at times difficult to tell which is which or who's who. Mahaps You dealt with a who.

That being said, I would whole heartedly agree with tha others,to wit, Enjoy tha horse,use it,love it and above all remember twasn't tha horse that conned Ya. As to filing for any kind of recovery, I doubt it would be worth the cost and lack of sleep.

LH    Posted 07-22-2002 at 22:45:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
I live in Indiana and there are a lot of horse traders / dealers out there. Like Kraig said a murmur really isnt that serious. Lots of people have murmers and rarely even notice them. Enjoy your horse he may live for many years so don't fret or treat him like a handicapped individual. When you ride him or work him just warm him up slowly and cool him off slowly as well

screaminghollow    Posted 07-22-2002 at 17:24:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
If the lady who sold him to you is in the business of selling horses, even three or four per year, she is considered a merchant in horses, and unless she specified that the horse was as is, warranted that the horse was sound for general riding. If she is a merchant under the UCC, she breached the warranty, you technicallyhave a right to sue her for the difference in value between what you paid and what the horse is worth. I'd check out the costs of suit and what proof is required. If your small claims court allows affidavits, I'd get a vet affidavit and an affidavit from a horse dealer about the value with the heart murmer and sue for the difference. posters are very right about a kid safe horse being a rare gem. often worth their weight in gold.

kraig WY    Posted 07-22-2002 at 14:20:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Heart murners arn't that serious for a non-working horse. Kids don't usually work them that much. Bet your children will be old enough to under stand by the time the horse passes. Mean time let the kids enjoy the horse. Good kids horses are a rare breed. Chances are the horse enjoys the kids as much as they injoy him.

Good luck and God Bless

DeadCarp    Posted 07-22-2002 at 13:06:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
It sounds kinda cold, but that's part of owning pets - people generally outlive them. I say enjoy him while he's here :)

Grove r    Posted 07-22-2002 at 13:21:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Know what your going through, Jamo, all the sympathy in the world to you, but.......Dead Carp is right, just injoy to the fullest while he's here, bout all you can do, R.E.L.

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