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Country Discussion Topics
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Living the small town life in central Mexico.
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Sleepy    Posted 07-23-2002 at 16:44:38       [Reply]  [No Email]

Just perusing the internet and found this message board. My wife and I (she is Mexicana) are currently living and working in a small town in the los Altos region (roughly the eastern third of the state of Jalisco). Our town, Arandas, has 50,000 people at an elevation of 7000ī, which makes for some extremely moderate weather here now. It never gets over 70 degrees during the day, and there is always a nice shower in the afternoon. During the winters, it can get down into the twenties and snow once in awhile.

The los Altos region has a solid economic base in agriculture (agave, beef & dairy cattle) and small factories. In fact, the area is experiencing an agave price boom, and many farmers/ranchers are getting extremely wealthy, with agave buyers writing out checks for one season in excess of $500,000 US! Real estate in the city and any productive farmland is as high as you would find two hours east in Guadalajara, which is comparable to West Coast real estate prices. Guadalajara has everything you could need; Malls, Walmart, Costco, Tony Romas, Home Depot, excellent restaurants, cultural amenities, world class universities, English bookstores (a must for me!), etc.

My wife works as a hospital admininistrator, and I work as an ag products export agent. Things are going very well here, but we may return to Oregon in the near future for family reasons. My (Mexican) family has a ranch out of town, which we go to every chance we get for horseback riding and family comidas on Sunday.

The culture here in Mexico is very differant than the Chicano culture I was exposed to in the USA at an early age. Mainstream Mexican culture is more closely related to say, Argentina, which is closely attached to the trends and fashions of Europe. But I enjoy being able to pull my Wranglers and lace up Justins on to go to work in the morning. Here in rural Mexico, the fashions pretty much mirror those in rural USA, which is nice. All in all, it is a good life and I will be sad when we leave. Take a look at some of my photos of life here in central Mexico.

I am from eastern Oregon, by the way. I grew up on a farm and have worked in Forestry and Agriculture all of my life.

Sincerely, Sleepy

jamo    Posted 07-24-2002 at 16:11:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]
took a peek at all of your photos. Your wife is beautiful. You 2 seem like a lovely couple and looks like you have a great life going for yourselves. Congrats and good luck.

jamo    Posted 07-24-2002 at 16:11:19       [Reply]  [Send Email]
took a peek at all of your photos. Your wife is beautiful. You 2 seem like a lovely couple and looks like you have a great life going for yourselves. Congrats and good luck.

Cowboy Joe    Posted 07-23-2002 at 21:52:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nice post. Nice life. What more could one ask for? Congrats!

BOSS    Posted 07-23-2002 at 18:18:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
AND Corona is really cheap there too, I'll bet !!!

I love Mexico, only been there for vacation though. Alcopulco, didn't like it much, Cancun...before Hurricane Hugo..loved it !!, Hualtulco my favorite place.
I would think the vacation life is a little different than actually living there, so I'll keep my vacation memories of fun and partying all day and night.

Sleepy    Posted 07-24-2002 at 10:07:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
BOSS: You are right, living here is not like the all night, all day parties of the beach resorts. It is just like living anywhere else, with a little more frustration thrown in for me personally due to the language barriers and just the way they do business here. But it is a more relaxed lifestyle, as folks donīt get into much of a hurry.

We had our honeymoon in is the BEST, I have to agree with you on that! My wife prefers Puerto Vallarta, as there is a lot more going on. Huatulco also does not have what all the other beach resorts have, and that is Gringo/Spring Breaker tourists just tearing it up all week. Most of Huatulcos tourists are from Mexico DF, Guadalajara or Monterrey. Many are from other Latin American countries, with a smattering of pleasant Gringos and Europeans. Thanks for the nice comments. Sleepy

Les...fortunate    Posted 07-23-2002 at 17:21:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sounds like a very liveable area. What kind of varmints you got there? That would have a big effect on whether me and the Mrs. could ever live there. She can't abide even a cockroach.

Sleepy    Posted 07-24-2002 at 10:20:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Les: Well, we have just about any kind of varmint here you have where ever you are. Like I said, we are at over 7000ī elevation, which means very moderate weather. The countryside reminds me of the foothills of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and the mountains surrounding Arandas are covered by pine forests. I have not seen the cockroaches that seem to proliferate along the hot coastal areas. There are flies, some mosquitos, small lizards, bees, red & black ants (which are hard to battle in the lawn; they just keep coming back) and I have been told there are snakes, but I have yet to see one.

As far as large wild critters, there are some deer. Illegal hunting by rich guys from the cities and poorer folks supplementing theyīre diets have taken a toll on the deer population here. There just arenīt enough game wardens to patrol the countryside, and given that they are paid little, would probably be open to accepting a bribe to look the other way. In states to the north of Jalisco, there are Black Bear, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Cougars and rumored to be a small population of Grizzly Bears (officially extinct) in the Sierra del Nido in Chihuahua.

In the southern states, there are all kinds of varmints, but I havenīt been there to check it out. Sleepy

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