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Ideas for hummingbird feeders
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Pcc-AL    Posted 07-24-2002 at 03:28:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
The hummingbirds are really enjoying my feeders at present. Must be 30 or so at the time. Problem is the feeders are the small (16 oz) or so capacity type from Wally World. I have to fill them every day. I want to try to match up a larger bottle with the bases, but can't seem to find a large glass bottle with matching threads. Plastic soft drink bottle threads will match, but the sides sink in and the feeder leaks. I have found a 32 oz feeder on the internet. May have to order it. Any ideas?

DeadCarp - vinyl birdhouses?    Posted 07-24-2002 at 10:41:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Had some white vinyl siding left over (don't everybody?) so i got to fiddling with it - i don't have a leaf brake for bending stuff but tried making some little boxes and they work okay - don't score anything cuz it will snap. Just bend sharply with needle-nose pliers or something.
You can make big curves by softening the vinyl with a heatgun and of course, it could be vacuum formed around a mold. Tabs can be melted in with a soldering iron. Spade bits do a nice job of punching holes and most cutting can be done with a Stanley knife. I think this stuff would make great birdhouses & crafts. Anybody else tried it? :)

EIEIO    Posted 07-24-2002 at 04:21:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
You might want to type in humming bird feeders on google search engine lots of ideas. I have around 16 feeders in the back, I bought the kind that are on a stick that you shove in the ground with a "flower" bulb on the top. It is a small feeder but I have enough out there to keep the hummers happy. I clean them out every five days. Not to be a smart aleck, check prices on the net, I bought the first set of these feeders at WallyWorld for $2.00 each, tried getting more and couldn't find them, bought them on the net - $5.00 apiece. Went to the dollar store and they were only $1.50 apiece. So I bought more.

Even if the feeders are small if you put more out there you can get by with only filling them every few days or so.

I love hummers, I have even held the feeders by my face and they will fly right up and drink from the feeder, you just have to be real still.

Good luck and happy humming.

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