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Country Discussion Topics
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Snow fence
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nhboomer    Posted 04-09-2001 at 16:45:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have done a search of the archives and find nothing about putting up snow fencing. I know spring is here in the northeast, but this wicked winter with record snowfall gets me to wondering about installing snow fence along my 500 ft drive. Can anyone shed light on how tall a fence and how far from a drive it should be set up to be effective? Drive runs north-south and prevailing winds are from the west putting 5 ft drifts in the drive at times. Was also wondering about planting willow bush to create a natural snow fence. Heard it grows fast and works well once established. Anyone with experience with that? Welcome any advice

IHank    Posted 04-09-2001 at 17:09:45       [Reply]  [Send Email]
NHboomer- Something like 25 years ago our outstanding local TV weather guy described how to get the best outta doing snow fence.

Rule 1 was to put the fence perpendicular to the prevaling winter wind, as much as possible.

Rule 2 was to incline the fence about 15 degrees away from the wind at the top.

Rule 3 was to figger that the end of the snow drift would be downwind about seven times the height of the fence.

Get you a good tractor mounted snow blower and you can skip all those arguments. A subtle benefit of a snow blower is that it lays the output out flat and don't create a big pile of snow for the next snowstorm to create a huge snowdrift behind.

Hope this info. helps, IHank

TomH    Posted 04-09-2001 at 17:08:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
These guys recommend 30-45 feet upwind. They should know, Canadian Rockies probably get worse winters than New Hampshire.

shawn    Posted 04-09-2001 at 17:07:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you have strong winds don't put in willows, They snap very easy blocking your drive way.

Alvin    Posted 04-09-2001 at 18:25:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
IHank is got the best answer. With a snow fence, it is a lot of work, you can't hang the fence before the ground freezes or it will be laying flat with the first wind storm and than you have a big mess. With a good tractor and blower you will have a clear drive way in a couple minutes and fresh air also.You will have to turn the spout in the direction the wind is going ,trust me. Even if you would put up a fence ,it still would have to be plowed somehow.

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