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Country Discussion Topics
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Michigan UP
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Timber Beast    Posted 08-01-2002 at 15:00:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Greetings. Was browsing through some YT mag forums some time back and seem to remember that some folks at this site were familiar ( lived there, educated there? can't remember ) with the beautiful UP of Michigan. I am a Purdue forester by trade and simply fell in love with that country when I went to our summer camp between my first and second "junior" years.That was at the old camp filibert roth on golden lake. UP is now a favorite vacation spot for me and the missus. We have been to and really enjoy things like whitefish point shipwreck museum, taquam. falls and the restaurant complete with brewery, crisp point lighthouse, taquam. falls logging museum, several other lighthouses,and couple of the national forest areas. Depending on time and resources, we will either camp or " cabin hop " couple nights here, there.
Basically we like to get away from some of the crowds, enjoy history, and are looking for some more of the out-of-the way jewels. Anybody out there got any suggestions? We normally get away in fall-typically after labor day and before halloween. Any input welcome. Would also love to find a campground or 2 that has pool/hot-tub facilities. Dang, I sure rattled on, sorry about that - any postings or suggestions welcome - TB

U.P. Pete    Posted 08-02-2002 at 10:38:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey Beast!
It's got to be Sprecher Root Beer. I'm not much of
a Root Beer fan, but I know people who just love
that stuff!! I live in th MKE area, but have a
"camp" in the U.P., just north of Menominee.
That's in the finger thats extends down to the
south. They call it the "Banana Belt" because we
get nowhere near the amount of snow they do
further north. Can't really give you any tips of
where to go because we haven't done much exploring
yet. In fact this summer we took our 1st extended
trip up there. Mack Bridge, Mack Island, Soo Locks
Taquam. Falls, Munising, etc. and located some of
the many smaller waterfalls. Great time! Next time
we'll hit the western end; The Porkies, Copper
Harbor, etc. Hope you find some great spots. If
you do, let us know. Pete

Steve L in IN    Posted 08-01-2002 at 21:32:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey Beast, I was born and raised in the U.P. just east of Escanaba along US 2 in a dot on the map called Isabella. Although I have now lived in Indiana longer than I did in MI (I left when I was 21), I take my wife and kids there frequently to see family. You are right-it is great country. I have never seen bluer skies! We like Munising and the Pictured Rocks boat ride, the Soo Locks (Sault Ste. Marie) near Canada, and of course, the best thing of all-the peace and quiet. When a car comes up the rural road where I was raised at night, everyone goes to the window to see "where they're going!!" (No where to go!) I've been to all the places you mention.
I enjoy visiting my dad's A frame cabin that sits in a remote spot absolutely in the middle of nowhere. The nearest neighbors are BEARS which frequently are pesky to say the least. Unlike you, I have an indoor job-school teacher. Continue to enjoy.......Steve

Timber Beast    Posted 08-01-2002 at 19:29:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks guys, I feel downright welcome. My emloyment is with state DNR, but I also raise Christmas trees on some property my wife and I own. Look forward to my first harvest in 2004 or 05. Also piddle with Christmas tree ornaments ( wooden,of course) and pine cone wreaths. Wisconsin also pretty country and absolutely love a root beer they brew in m-w-kee. Lot of times come back through Wisconsin, so attractions like I mentioned for the UP located in Wisconsin might perk me up too. Thanks for the howdy. TB

glen sw wi    Posted 08-02-2002 at 06:22:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
If you come back through Wi,you might enjoy the little museum in Hurley. Small but a lot of local history. Saxon harbor on A off 122 takes you to the water. There is a marina and small campground there. Nice waterfall near Gurney. Used to have campground there until liability ins caused it to shutdown. Copper falls state park at Mellen has a campground and falls of course.
Emjoy the great north country!!!

Les...fortunate    Posted 08-01-2002 at 16:48:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey, Beast. Don't have any suggestions about the UP. Did drive across part of it 10 years ago.
Just wanted to say hi to a fellow forester. I work in the utility business (electric coop right of way dept). And welcome aboard.

Glen sw wi    Posted 08-01-2002 at 15:45:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Used to camp in the up quite a bit. Copper harbor is a nice fall trip. The colors are spectacular. The road is very scenic, though narrow and winding. There is an old fort to tour at the point. If I remember right there is a road from Irom mountain to the lake that has sevel great waterfalls. (sorry I don't have a up map anymore)
There is a town campground in Burgland which is right near lake Gogebec. There are several Nat. Forest campgrounds along the way. I would stay near the big lake (Superior) as much as possible. Some long stretches without much, but the the rest is worth it. Have a great trip.

Glen sw wi    Posted 08-01-2002 at 18:15:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Found my Mi map. The road with the waterfalls is near Bessemer not Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain is the name of a ski area which used to be the highest ski jump in the US. It can be seen from the road as you pass it. There used to ba a campground at the end of the road to the lake. Not much-rather primitive. No hottubs. If you get to the west end of the up, there is a Mi welcome center at Ironwood on Hwy 2. Its been about 8 years since I have been in that area. We used to spent a lot of time in the up when we lived in Ashland, Wi. Spent enough time over there that I could almost be called a uper as the locals are known. I am also a tree lover (not a hugger). Started forestry at Colorado State,but switched to business.

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