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Country Discussion Topics
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I owe at least two of you (and two people on the IH board) apologies...
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David Ransom    Posted 08-10-2002 at 22:24:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I guess I should never try to stop a fight, because it will only make it worse. In fact, now that I have proven myself to be a total moron, I should probably not even be posting this, lest someone should argue with something here.

I hope that none of you, especially Kim, took my post earlier too seriously. I was NOT trying to get anyone in trouble.

If I had thought about it a little more, I might have asked if everyone who has posted the word DEERE on the Deere board was spamming for Deere. If I had thought about it a lot more, I would have posted nothing.

Hopefully in the future, you will see no posts from me concerning spamming. You are clearly the experts as to what's spamming, what's offensive (aparently anything from me gets interpreted that way) and what's acceptable.

1947 International AD-TA

Actually manufactured as an AD, but modified. When I replaced the stock transmission with the Gruhler-Schneider five-speed+park transmission, there was enough space to add the Martin-Jenkins aftermarket torque amplifier.

The engine has been replaced with one out of an unstyled WD-95, which had to be parted out due to an empty fuel tank. This should make it great for pulling, with 95hp on the PTO.

The stock IH WFE has been replaced with a NFE from a different tractor, possibly the rear end of a JD Dain, or more likely part of an Essex Tri-Directional. The three wheel drive works, with the front wheel driven off the fan, which is now driven off the transmission.

I am selling this tractor because I am in the process of restoring a John Deere 70-TA and a rare IH IDR9-O-Lindeman.

1.00p OBO

June    Posted 09-03-2002 at 17:35:17       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Just use another name. We all do dumb things and say equally dumb things, consider politicians, and they do it in front of the world. I'm not going to mention which party but I'm not voting any different than I did in the last election.
So just don't use the same name and don't list your e-mail. If they are not going to be nice let them know you will not tolerate them. What? Are you Jewish or Catholic that you need the guilt?

Hogman**** What tha heck    Posted 08-11-2002 at 02:03:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
I for one (tho not envolved) accept tha regrets,recon few aside from Thadius Snodgrass,Plowpoint Furrowmaker and Saddie Swampwater have not at one time or another done simlar somewhat regretable things. Hence, let ye among thee cast tha first spit wad.

Re tha Tractor for sale,if You can gaurantee tha absolute all original equipment status of tha afore mentioned collectable I'd consider a trade. Have a solidly structured simplex sidewinding super salivating solinoid shiftin Studebaker made from a Stutz Bearcat in tha Durant Factory by none other'n Ransom E Olds aided by Mr Auburn and Mr Cord. Will swap straight across with proper documentation of Your item,will furnish same likewise. Please advise.

EIEIO    Posted 08-11-2002 at 08:16:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
I agree with everything you said! Now what was it you said?

Hi to Mrs. Hogman.

Hogman    Posted 08-11-2002 at 19:51:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was scairt Ya might ask that.
Lord love Ya*** Big hug.

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