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Country Discussion Topics
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EIEIO    Posted 08-11-2002 at 20:14:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
Loved the pic, is that what they call a mixed marriage?!LOL

Thanks for sharing!!

Saddlebum    Posted 08-12-2002 at 18:13:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
LOL, he was so mad that she smooched him on the nose. He tried very hard to bluff her from his side of the fence--puffed himself up and snorted at her and showed her his fancy footwork. *g* She wasn't having any of it. I still can't believe I actually had the camera with me for once!

The horses love pears, too. We have one tree that really produces--lots of big, mealy pears. One of the geldings can hear a pear drop from clear across the pasture, and will come galloping to make sure he gets there first.

I'm still not sure which is scarier--the little long horn cow with her 5' rack or the thought of a nearly 3,000 lb bull! Yikes! ;-)

Fawteen    Posted 08-12-2002 at 03:37:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Saddlebum, them is some purdy critters! The one of that bay nuzzling the 'horn is neat!

Never been around longhorns, but when I lived in South Carolina, my neighbor had a mess of whiteface Herefords. Had a bull that was bloody huge, looked like a tree trunk with legs. He was a personable old cuss, not a mean bone in his body. Had a major weakness for pears, and I had a big ol' pear tree in the back yard. He'd come up to the back fence beggin' for pears. I was sharing the house with another couple, and the wife (a city girl) who didn't really trust him would hold one out at arm's length. Ol' Wooly Bully would reel out about a foot of tongue and pick that thing outta her had, gentle as ya please. Grossed her right out the first time he did that...

bob ny    Posted 08-12-2002 at 04:16:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
hey fawteen are you sure you didn't have a brother of our brown swiss ox he used to stand
by the fence and look pathicaly across the road
at the pear trees during pear season and people
would stop thier cars to feed him we had him 14 years he weighed 2950 lbs when he passed on he is still right by that fence evan though we are not living there any more we stopped farming 4 yrs ago movrd way back in the woods away from
so called civilized folk

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