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High tensile fence fine points
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rhudson    Posted 08-27-2002 at 10:15:18       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Need some free advise from some long term high tensile fence users. i want the advise to be worth more that i'm willing to pay for it :>}

a. use crimp sleeves or just twist wire 6 turns at end insulators and ratchet tightners?

b. use the tube insulators at the end post or the ceramic insulators? (one manufacture says the tube insulators trap moisture and cause corrusion)

Thanks for any help.

LH    Posted 08-27-2002 at 20:52:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've had high tensile for 7 years and like it very well. I prefer the ceramic or even the poly endpost insulators better than the tube type which I find short out easily. As far as splicing either the crimp connectors or wrapping the wires works OK. If you do use crimp connectors make sure you crimp in several places. wehn I use em I overlap about 2 1/2 foot of wire and use 3 crimp splicers to make sure they don't come loose when a horse or deer runs into em.

Hogman    Posted 08-27-2002 at 13:20:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey there, thought mabe tha alien forces had gobbled You up'n took off ta some outter planatarinatal Banana farm .
I'm redoin some fence right now and usin tha tubes instead of ceremic,so tune in next Year'n We might have a answer. I do suspect that tubin will accumalate moisture. Havin said that of a sudden I'm wonderin why I'm tryin it?
An amazin thing,bought two 4k ft rools of 12.5 hi ten last Year.Suposed ta be equal or better'n Gallagar,stuff just keeps stretchin,mabe when winter comes it'l all come back "a la rawhide",be inerestin ta see.

This has nothin ta do with Your question but as a point ta ponder. You know how every charger carries tha warnin about ample grounding. I had a system go down pretty bad,checked ths whole fence witout findin anything, except last was checkin charger which was weak.That night had one of those "wake up with severe brain flashs". Next mornin checked ground field and found where a cow had come thru it, got hung up and broke the wire takin out most of tha rods.

Replace wire,replace charger,Who would ever have believed Them Folks noed what They was talkin about! Allus thought They was just trin ta help tha ground rod business.

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