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Pitty Pan Squash
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Julie Montague    Posted 08-27-2002 at 18:36:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I would appreciate any recipes you might have for fixing triple pitty pan squash. This is a new one for me. Also looking for a recipe for Cinnamnon Rings made with cucumbers and red hots.

I just found this site and it looks so fun. I enjoyed all of you messages.

JoeK...dunno about triple    Posted 08-27-2002 at 19:20:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
but heres a link fer ya

I am impressed-Pcc-AL    Posted 08-27-2002 at 19:18:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Of all the recipes that I have tried and seen, this is a first for me.. We have sweet, sour, bread and butter and many others, but no one like you have. I am a person with a taste toward the sour side so I like few sweets. However, your recipes were interesting. Good luck.

Tammy-East TX    Posted 08-27-2002 at 18:57:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cucumber Cinnamon Pickles
2gal. large cucumber rings
2c. lime
8 1/2 qt. water
4c. white vinegar
1 small bottle red food coloring
1Tbsp. alum
4c white vinegar
4c. cold water
10c. Sugar
8Sticks cinnamon, broken up hot candies
Peel and slice cucumbers into rings, removing all seeds. Cover with lime and water. Let stand for 24 hours. Drain well and rinse well three times. Simmer with vinegar, food coloring and alum for 2 hours. Remove from fire, let stand for 24 hours in same mixture. Drain and make syrup as follows: Mix all ingredients and bring to a boil until red hots are dissolved. Pour over cucumber rings and let stand overnight. Drain Syrup and heat to boiling, pour back over rings. Repeat this process for 2 more days. On third day, pour back over rings and then put pickles into sterilized jars and seal.

Of all the pickles you want to make this is the one I hate the most! GOOD LUCK!

EIEIO    Posted 08-27-2002 at 19:10:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Tammy are they not good or is it just a lot of time to make them? I was going to set recipe aside in my "things to make", file.


Tammy-East Texas    Posted 08-27-2002 at 20:03:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
EIEIO they are some of the best pickles you can eat but, they take forever to get them fixed and ready to eat. As DJ says over and over I am always in a hurry to do things...So If it takes me more then a few hours they become a pain to me!!!LOL But I do enjoy them once the work is done and the eating begins! You will love them.

EIEIO    Posted 08-27-2002 at 20:16:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks, funny you should mention, "in a hurry to do things", today in the kitchen Dennis was cutting up the watermelon and I was getting stuff out of the frig. Well dropped a bowl of melon on the floor, Dennis' comment, "If you wouldn't run all the time you wouldn't have accidents". I have to realize though running to him may actually be a crawl or as someone on the board said, "slow as a snail's dodo" to me.

You and I must have a type A personality, do it, do it now, and it gets done.

EIEIO-Found Cinnamon Cucumber Rings    Posted 08-27-2002 at 18:53:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Julie the Cinnamon Cucumber Rings intrigued me so much I had to look for it, hope this is it!

Dorothea "Dollie" Belle Jacobs Kent

My grandma Dollie Kent often made these. They are deliciously sweet and spicy (similar to spiced apples) and especially nice at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

2 gallons large cucumbers - peel, cut into slices, seed (core) slices to make rings.

Soak for 24 hrs. in mixture of:

2 cups lime juice
8-1/2 quarts water

Drain and rinse.

Soak in ice water for 3 hrs. Drain.

Pour over cucumber rings in a large pot:

1 cup vinegar
1 bottle red food coloring
1 Tablespoon Alum
Water to cover

Simmer for 2 hrs. Drain off liquid.

In separate pot, heat:

2 cups water
2 cups vinegar
10 cups sugar
8 sticks cinnamon
1 medium package of red hots candies

Pour syrup over cucumber rings and let stand overnight.

For next 2 days reheat SYRUP ONLY, pour over rings, and let stand.

Day 3: pack rings into canning jars, heat syrup, pour over rings, seal jars.

EIEIO    Posted 08-27-2002 at 18:49:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
As I told Country Gal welcome aboard and enjoy the wisdom??, intelligence??, and great humor!!

I love this bunch, only problem is there are times I just have fun here and before I know it poor Dennis is laying in a heap because he doesn't know the refrig is in the Kitchen and I didn't have a chance to fix anything for him to eat!!

Hope someone knows the recipt for the red hot rings.


norma    Posted 10-28-2002 at 08:55:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
also would like a recipt on buttercup squash

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