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Country Discussion Topics
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Hogman    Posted 08-29-2002 at 03:09:26       [Reply]  [No Email]

GOOD MORNIN YA'AL looks like I'm tha onliest one ,it's 5 AM and I've been up 3 1/2 hours already. Should'nt of et that second batch o f Cherry cobbler,tooo much sugar!!!!!!!
At least a body can get caught up on whats happenin. I'd plumb missed tha fact that Sherry was a Redhaid. EI poor darlin Your woes just been more'n any gal type critter should haf ta bear,I was You I'd make ole Dennis sleep in tha pig sty fer a while,just make sure He scrubs off rite good afor gettin back in tha house.

agent 99    Posted 08-29-2002 at 10:30:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cherry colbber, to much sugar? cherry alfaul close to SHERRY, an what this sugar thing , aww not you too ,poor maw hog

Ron/Pa    Posted 08-29-2002 at 05:05:57       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Gotta get me 'Puter for my truck, By 5:00 A.M. I had been to Long Island, unloaded, reloaded and was safely back in PA. unloading my second trailer.
keeping in touch would sure keep me awake at night.
Now that all you fine folks are up, I think I'll soon hit the sack.

Tom A    Posted 08-29-2002 at 04:34:40       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey Hogman, the day was already half over when you wrote! I'd already been to the barn to take care of critters and left, and was on the road to my day job.

Was a 2 hour commute today because of the rain! It is crazy, but folks around here can't drive in anything but clear weather and perfect roads--if somebody throws a bucket of water on the highway, it causes accidents and gridlock. But we needed the rain bad, so I am happy to sit in the traffic for it.

enjoy the day!

Rachel Mornin Hogman    Posted 08-29-2002 at 03:40:53       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'm awake. Jest got Mark off to work apainting ol' St. Looie's rich folks houses. It's still too dark to do any work. Yep, aint it a shame about Dennis and EI? I been feeling plumb sorrowful for those two. So glad that Redhead and whoever that Denial was are out of the picture. And how is you on this fine autumn like morn? Rachel

Mornin back atYa Ma'am    Posted 08-29-2002 at 04:22:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm gettin sleepy but too late ta go back ta bed. Yep,seems a little early ta be paintin unless You're usin water base paint. Thats one type work I could never do worth a hoot. Had a shirttail Uncle that was a painter,good one too. Had two major faults,He like ta cheat people and could'nt help but let em know He'd done it.
That was in tha thirtys when jobs were hard ta come by. He could have been workin steady had He gave up His crooked ways because folks would'nt recomend Him after bein gyped no matter how good tha workmanship.

Anyway, I worked for Him for a while but could never "slop" tha paint on fast enough so He fired Me. One job He did, Tha Women wanted somthin so differant on tha walls of Her kitchen that She'd be tha absolute onlest ever. He painted it all bright Blue,tha whole thing. Next He took a gallon bucket of Chinese Red, and a sponge type handball. He'd dip tha ball in tha Red'n just throw it real hard'n let it bounce back'n forth. Made Me dizzy just lookin at it. Tha Ole Gal loved it. No accountin for taste I allus say.

Re Dennis'n Sherry,I do hope for poor EI's sake it's truely over and tha heartbreak'l end soon. It were a dasterdly deed Dennis done did doin that!!!

Did Ya note that I took it upon Myself ta bestow a deploma upon tha worthy Head of EI makin Her a member of tha most elite of elites namely tha field of edgekated porcine producers????

Think She deserves it as havin proven Her ability ta do hands on directional and stearage control of porcines. Note Her prior posted rendition of said event.
Gotta run Rachel,time ta make Maw Hogs mornin cup.

Les    Posted 08-29-2002 at 03:12:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Jes little ole me, Hogman, an I gotta get my rump outta this chair an go to work. You have a good day. I'll check in when I git to work and see if ennybuddy else has checked in with a pulse this mawnin.

Grove r    Posted 08-29-2002 at 09:02:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi, Les, everybody....I just about had a pulse.... might be up, but sure ain't awake....just had me a couple hours snooze after nite shift.....think I'm gonna go set fer a spell after this......sure has bin some tryin times on the board, of late......guess one just never knows, oh well, on to greater and gloryous things.....have a gooder, R.E.L.

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