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Country Discussion Topics
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Momma Jan
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Smitty    Posted 09-01-2002 at 10:44:49       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Morning, I was wondering if you have any stoplights in your end of the county. The only one I know of is in Quincey. My garden is doing great and will be putting up tomato sauce very soon.
Have a Good One

momma Jan    Posted 09-02-2002 at 07:53:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
I only put in a very small garden this year since it was our first year in the house and time wouldnt really allow me to get one in. Iv finally got one tomatoe but the squash is doing good.I saw the pic a week or so ago of your garden sure looks good. Wish I had the tomatoes to put some up nothing like popping a jar of those on a cold winter day, but maybe next year. My pine tree on the north side of the house has a real good crop of pine cones this year and I didnt have to do anything to help that along :)

Smitty    Posted 09-02-2002 at 12:18:21       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Momma Jan, the soil up here needs alot of preperation. I added lime, calcium nitrate granular, peat moss and steer manure to get good productive soil. All of this is rototilled in and make a nice lose fertile soil. I redo mine every 3 years and don't need to do much rototilling in between. I use a irrigation system and inject Miricle Gro every week and it realy helps the production.
The white fence you see around my garden is actualy an electric fence to keep the deer and other critters out.
When I put up tomatoes I blanch, peal and boil down for tomato sauce and make it for the whole family, much less work than canning.
Have a Good One

Smitty    Posted 09-02-2002 at 12:20:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Forgot to mention I freeze the sauce in 1 quart zip locks with all air evcuated.

momma Jan    Posted 09-02-2002 at 23:48:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know I need to do alot of work on my soil, if every thing grew as good as the squash id be happy
but i dont plan on moving for a long time so maybe starting next year ill do better.
I got to giggling when you said that about the fence......this I can understand. Its great to have the wild life we have but it can have its draw backs too. We have a bear whos been visiting town of late was in sisters yard last week and the alley here next to the house last night. Now I bet the darn car on the bridge yesterday would of backed out for that one
have a great day ~jan

Momma Jan    Posted 09-02-2002 at 07:47:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
you havnt heard? we have one stop light well actually two but they go together.
they are re-doing the Gulling Street bridge so there is one at each end and what a pain they are.
Yesterday I was going from south side of town over to the KS market and up on top of the bridge there is a car coming at me I had about 5 cars behind me and couldnt back out and the car coming at me wouldnt budge. Finally I was able to back up enough to give her some room to go around but I couldnt get off and by this time The light had changed so over I had to go and what happens but a car turns onto the bridge. I still couldnt back out so he had to low and behold he was the ex-mayor of our fine City. So needless to say if Andy or Barney would of been there Id of been the one to get the ticket. Darn bridge is a real pain supposed to be done with it by snow fall but I bet that dont happen then this winter it will be a mess and we will have to put up with it again next summer for a third summer. When and if they finish they are supposed to take the lighs down and put one at Gulling and hwy 70 but I bet that never happens. Its really hurting the bussiness in old Town and I hear one even is suing the City but I dont know that for fact.

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