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Country Discussion Topics
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Grove r    Posted 09-23-2002 at 06:02:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
'Mornin', everbody, tadays the big day!! gonna be a "roundup" on the "Lazy E, L, half diamond" ranch. Yeah..... gonna round up all them moo cows and baa calves inta them a bunch a sortin', eartaggin', an' warble controlin'.....might have ta yoddle at the "Banana Farm" boys ta come give me a hand....

Now, do you want to know the real truth? is the day we are going to sort the cows and calves for market....roundup? naw....just take a bale of hay out to the corals, and wait till all are inside, then close the gate! I quit chasing animals years ago!! We are doing the rest but with a lot less gusto than formerly mentioned.....'tis a bit earlier than I usualy do this, but pasture is on the decline and hay is in shorter supply than culling will be paramount.....will give me a chance to upgrade the heard.....will keep about twenty cows and one bull. Now don't laugh too hard at my modest efforts at farming.....not like the "Banana Farming" boys..... Now theys real cattlemen!!!! Have a gooder, R.E.L.

scooterhead    Posted 09-24-2002 at 04:20:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
I`m with you a sq. bale on the tailgate and a clear throat and I can put`em anywhere ya want`em . Did I get that right $100 a bale , it`s gettin high around here but thats out the top . Watch them young`ens , they`ll give some good hoof ta knee cap contact .

Grove r    Posted 09-24-2002 at 06:29:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi, Scooterhead, great to hear from you again.. you had us a tad worried there....yup, right on on the hundred bucks...some are asking a little more, even....straw, at the auction mart was fetching seventy bucks a bale last week, heard of green feed going for around seventy five......way too rich for my blood, [big round bales]. Yeah...the old bale trick is the only answer....the youngest boy, [28], and I sorted everything yesterday, he watched the gate, and I did the sorting.....never made a quick step through it all, and my animals are not the tamest! Been watching stuff on TV about the "Horse Whisperer", same techniques apply to almost any animal.....all about body language. Try staring at your dog or cat and see the response you get.....they will become very uneasy and probably move on to somewhere else.....eye contact in the animal kingdom is a threatening gesture.......just take it from there....anywho... have a gooder, and welcome back, R.E.L.

Gimpleg and the rest of the banana farm crew    Posted 09-23-2002 at 11:48:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Well grove r, at last count we ain't sure how many cows we got. One thing is for sure though, and that's somebody needs to learn to talley cause, countin' ain't a strong suit around here. I think they been drinkin' too many of them Goom Bay Smashes that they a been makin' from them bananas. As far as bulls go, We just lets down the fence between us and that fella from California what bought that place next to us. He's got mighty fine Angus bulls over there. He likes them high dollar bulls from them registered auctions. Drives one of them Hummers and it's got a GPS system in it. Mighty important when you're finding your way to the Walmart that's about twenty miles away. Yup, the last couple a years has seen a big improvement in our bunch since he moved in. Well, I wish we was closer cause I'm selling 4X6 bales of fertilized Bermuda and prairie hay for $20. For a change we've had some good moisture here. You fellas have really been hit hard with that drought. Having to cull down because of it even harder and depressing. Hope you finally get some rain!!

Grove r    Posted 09-24-2002 at 06:37:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi, Gimpleg, sure do wish those bales of yours were on this side of the border, could use about a hundred and keep ma whole herd!! We have been getting showers of late, but not in time to do any good this year....our growing season is over, not even enough moisture to help bring up the water table....oh well, always been said that this is a next year country... have a gooder, R.E.L.

Ron/PA    Posted 09-23-2002 at 10:12:55       [Reply]  [Send Email]
20 cows and 1 bull, You musta hit the lottery! Just got done checking the saturday auction prices and it seems to me that you are a little loose with your funds. (grin)
Honestly looking at the prices, and what corn is going for, we are seriously considering selling the stock and the corn, and we only keep about 10 steers and 10 hogs.
Corn is going for $3.70 and hogs for 30, whats wrong with this picture?
Hay is gonna be short here this year, and corn is looking like the fuel for picking would take up more room in the wagon than the corn will.
OH well, JUST WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR I'm gonna get rich!
Enjoy your day it's what makes it all worthwhile, If we did it for the money we would have all jumped off a cliff along time ago.

Grove r    Posted 09-23-2002 at 10:26:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lotery? yeah, would need to to keep all the cows... hay is going for around a hundred for a big round bale, in this area.....going to sell off a bunch early before the seasonal glut hits the market....prices have dipped some but are still holding, a little....better go....I think the cows are all in the coral, so, better go shut the gate much for the "great round up".....have a gooder, R.E.L.

Bob /Ont.    Posted 09-23-2002 at 06:42:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Morning out there Grover, you have a big day ahead of you. You know you just reminded me of a story. 40+yrs ago, before all the land around here sprouted up subdivisions, an old fellow was driving around looking in to everyones place to see if they had any cattle. He had to cover the whole TWP. On this day he came down the 5th and turned west along the metro boundary. He was stopped by the Metro Toronto Police for driving too slow(&looking around everyones place). They asked him a lot of questions and finished off with "What do you do for a living?" The old guy said"I am the Warbel Fly Inspector.", old fellow told us "You know I don't think he believed me."
Later Bob

WallSal55    Posted 09-23-2002 at 06:11:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
Twenty cows and one bull. I still respect that.
There's still some work, responsibility involved there.
My dad always had a huge herd of Herefords, but then wittled down to 60, then 20, then just turned it all over to my brother in his 70's. Brother keeps as many head of cows that he
can take care of--while punching the time clock
for CAT, an hour commute.
Gives you something to tinker with, Have a Gooder!

Bob /Ont.    Posted 09-23-2002 at 06:46:21       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Good morning to you too Wall Sal, your brother work for the Factory or a Dealer?
Later Bob

WallSal55 - Factory    Posted 09-23-2002 at 08:03:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
He works near Peoria, IL He is one of the fortunate ones to still be there, over the years.
Through the layoffs, strikes, whatever.
He's been there since the late 1978, early 80's.
Saturday, my husband's gas-burning plant (he's
a boilermaker), shut the gates and locked all
workers out. Close-down for 3 months, until
they have a buyer for the plant, to have the money
to finish the next 8-10 months construction.
It is half-built. He will find work we hope in his trade, but other tradess said it could be 3 mos. without work.
We thought we had some job security to last us one year, but poof, it is gone, just like that.
He left this a.m. to go sign the list at 2 locals.

Bob /Ont.    Posted 09-23-2002 at 08:41:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sorry to hear that, it's tough when so many go out at once and you have to wait your turn on the list. I have worked for a dealer for 30+ yrs now, we have had some lean times but there is lots of construction going on around here. Working on heavy iron isn't a soft job but I hope it lasts as long as I'm able to do it.
Later Bob

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