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Country Discussion Topics
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Kids games and activities
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dadman    Posted 05-08-2001 at 18:16:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey everyone.I am one of a group of volunteers who leads a group of 5 to 7 years old boys. I am always looking for age appropriate new games and activities that promote teamwork. Thinking back, does anyone remember any of their favourite games and activities? If any really stand out in your mind, please take a moment to explain how it was played or what was needed to make the activity happen. Both inside or outside activities are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Murphy    Posted 05-09-2001 at 14:37:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
How many do you want? As a youth pastor I've got lots of games that can be adapted. One fun one with water:

Supplies Per Team:
1 large (about diameter) Nerf ball (It has to be the soft kind that can soak up lots of water
Wash tub or plastic tub with handles (The good sized plastic tub with rope handles works well for this
1 large bath towel

Fill the 5 gallon bucket with water.
Dunk the nerf ball and place it in the middle of the towel. Have one child holding onto each end of the towel. Together, they have to use the towel to throw the ball into the washtub. To make it easier/harder, you can have two kids holding the wash tub and trying to catch the ball with the tub. Award points per "basket". You can go to a certain number of points or until the water runs out of the thrower's bucket.

Lesson learned: It doesn't matter how strong or fast one person is, we have to pull together and in the same direction or we get off target.

Another one:

Have one child per team stand holding a 5 gallon bucket on their head. (Open side up!) Have each
member of the team dunk and throw the big nerf ball or "sploosh" balls or water balloons into the bucket. Have the kids take turns under the bucket.

The lesson is taking turns. If everyone throws at once, as the person with the bucket on their head trys to catch one, they move out of range of others. If everyone takes their turn, it is easier for the "buckethead" and the thrower to work together.

Last one for now:

If you can find them, pick up some of those big water-balloon slingshots. Set up a target about 50 yards away and see which team of three can get the closest. Don't have them sling balloons at each other!!! These puppies hurt big-time when you get hit!

One not of caution, make certain that none of the kids you work with have a latex allergy when using water balloons. Otherwise, have fun!

Dreamweaver    Posted 05-09-2001 at 12:15:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was a Girl Scout Brownie leader during both of my daughters' first and second grade years, and we focused on civic community things. Examples were a picnic lunch/hiking trail clean up (avoid roadsides), making shoebox goody baskets for rest home residents, and one of our favorites was to make Valentine and Christmas Cards for the patients at the nearby Veterans Administration Hospitals, which we would personally deliver up and down the floors. We were always welcomed with open arms. Also in my community we have a program where you can request free azalia cuttings if it is for the beautification of your community (not personal use), and one year we planned a 50 pot planting at the rural fire department grounds in our small town. I solicited the town hardware stores for pine straw, mulch, fertilizer, etc., and it was a huge success. Each kid had a job, digging the holes, placing the pine straw, etc. Of course I called the local paper, and they made photographs and wrote up articles about the civic-minded kids. They not only felt a sense of self-pride but accomplishment and contribution back to the community they live in. These aren't really games, but I know these girls enjoyed doing helpful things probably moreso than playing.

tomatolord    Posted 05-09-2001 at 11:08:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have a 4 and 1.5 month old...

Water fights with the new water blasters they have.

Especially on hot days(if you want a nice shock get hit by a blast of 60 degree well water when it is 100 out!

Then you can play get the flag, water tag, etc
nature hikes - but make the kids take binoculars, plastic jars, a small net - collect bugs etc and teach what to look for
star nights - look up on the web different constellations that will be in view and teach them about the stars and to look for
The shuttle
The spacelab
the flag on the moon
Nasa has link on their site to find the orbits of all of this stuff so you can look at the right spot
Help out at a fish hathery - they are mostly volunteers and they can feed the fish etc
have the boys suggest an older person in the neighborhood to go and clean up their yard etc
cooking - especially campfire cooking


dave 50 8n    Posted 05-08-2001 at 22:45:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]
tug-o-war over a mud/water pit comes to mind.

Probably most anything that you can split up into tasks to obtain a goal.

Earlier post mentioned rafts. If you had acess to a pool/pond/etc., you could have the oars and life jackets, etc. hidden around the yard. The kids have to solve age appropriate riddles to find the oars, jackets, etc. When all parts are found they are to all jump in the raft and paddle to point X.

spoon/egg race. each kid has a spoon that is put in the mouth (handle in the mouth). 1st kid gets egg (which is put in the spoon) and walks X feet to second kid and passess egg. Use hard boiled egg.

Whatever you do, these kids probably have a very short attention span, so the instructions game should be short and somewhat easy; otherwise,you'll find yourself consantly doing crowd control.

Draw a dinosaur. Take big butcher paper, have crayons/markers, etc., and show the kids a dinasour on the board that they must draw. Each kid gets to draw a certain part of the dinosaur, like a big puzzle. Then you tape them together to see what your dinosaur looks like.

Baking and eating chocolate cookies....

hope that helps!

IHank    Posted 05-08-2001 at 21:58:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dadman- Give some thoughts to a bunch of kids gathered around a mud puddle and a certain spot on the end of the barn, with no windows, as a target, for a mud ball throwing contest.

Hard telling what skills you'll develop as to accuracy with fast balls and grenade toss later in life. They'll also come to understand the expression "making it stick".

The stuff washes off by the next rain storm and no damage is done. See also some other posts here about rolling the dice and playing cards as a learning activity with kids.

Keep up the good work Sir! IHank

magpie    Posted 05-08-2001 at 21:29:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Raft, little boys love rafts that they have built themselves. When I was that age, long time ago of course, we had a shallow pond. My buddies and I were always scrounging materials to build a raft with. We actually got one to float a couple times. But the fun part was the planning and construction stage. Use caution and supervise closely.

Wolf    Posted 05-08-2001 at 19:11:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Snipe hunting comes to mind..........

Dreamweaver    Posted 05-09-2001 at 12:17:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
BTW - Bingo is always a big hit! LOL

Dreamweaver    Posted 05-09-2001 at 12:24:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've got it! I've got it! How about a fishing contest? Find a small farm pond that is pretty well stocked, invite the dads to help supervise so no one falls in and gets hurt or hooked, have prizes for the biggest, smallest, ugliest, most, least, etc. Prizes can come from the dollar store like marbles, balsa wood airplanes, rubber snakes to scare the bloomers off their sisters, stuff like that. Gee - I wish I had a little boy. Of course then I'd probably have rocks in my clothes dryer!

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