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Country Discussion Topics
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Peanuts -- questions on harvesting
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Tom A    Posted 09-25-2002 at 06:21:41       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Have tried to grow a couple of peanuts for fun here for years. Never got a single plant to grow much longer than a few weeks, ever.

This year, don't know why, I got ambitious and put in 100' row. And again, I don't know why, but seems that every seed has grown and the plants look wonderful. I scratched around the base of a couple and there's actually lots of nice looking peanuts under there!

So, what do I do now? Do you pull 'em up and let the plants and root ball dry in the sun awhile before you cart them in, like taters? Or pull 'em up, and wash 'em off and put 'em in a basket? Do y'all save your own seed, or buy new every year (I'm thinking these must be magic seeds, since they grew and I'd like to save them).


bill b va    Posted 09-25-2002 at 16:57:20       [Reply]  [No Email]

i thought you needed a ladder to pick nuts from peanut trees . nuts from the roots?????? . will wonders never cease.

006-7/9ths    Posted 09-25-2002 at 17:39:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Naw that was one of tha thangs tha (DELETED was rigged ta do . Them peanut trees ain't like no ordanary trees,kinda like them up above timber line Ya noe. Had a special Guberational sensatorialated super set of sensative skinny fingers as grasped tha wiley gubers just so'n fed back inta tha Hydrafrashionater'n from there ta tha triple rotational underslung edsel roasterater chamber complete with saline saturationalsystem. So as , what was ejected from tha stern portal would be super fresh roasted,salted gubers.

Alas, with tha seemin demise of tha (deleted) it is now that skillfully trained Monkeys must retrive tha peanuts from tha trees.

As a matter of fact,Me'n Jake was just discussin tha feasability of plantin peanut trees on part of tha pineapple plantation up by Nome. Above timber line of course.......

Nathan(GA)    Posted 09-25-2002 at 15:12:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
In addition to what Sarge said, if you want to boil 'em just pull 'em up and wash 'em off. Then get to boiling!

Old Sarge    Posted 09-25-2002 at 13:23:47       [Reply]  [Send Email]
When I was a younker, many years ago, I always had to help in the peanut harvest. Dug them like taters into windrows, wait till all the dirt attached had dried real good, usually three to four days.. Then came the thrashing part, and a dustier job you never seen nor had in your life. We had a combine, one a them old drag behinders, then loaded them to go to the mill. These were the little Spanish peanuts, raised them mostly for oil.. The bad part of all this was we had to bale the tops that came off the plants for the cows. The pressed "Cake" that came from the peanut mill we fed mostly to the hogs, incidentally they loved it.

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