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Country Discussion Topics
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EIEIO    Posted 09-26-2002 at 03:39:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sure am glad I checked the board early. Tammy sending Sherry and Pink Lady here, and Sassy back to Hogman. Sure wish they would have gotten on that truck with DJ and just rode off into the sunset. Heck he could have dropped them off at his first stop. I wonder how long it would take me to barricade the doors and windows?? Ifn they show up here there is going to be feathers flying.

Finally got Dennis cutting down the pastures, cleaning out the barn, fixing up stuff. Using all the extra energy he has now. Well got the old 22 and I am a going just sit up in the tree out in the front and watch whats coming down the road.

What a way to start the day??!!

Toper J Snootfull Esq    Posted 09-26-2002 at 04:14:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ei You have My utmost sympathy,oughta mabe use a shotgun'n whack both of em tha first shot.
Kinda chilly up in that tree this time'a tha mornin ain't it? We can tell falls on it's way here. Nights are realy coolin down and days are nothin less'un spectacular! God is good!
I gotta run, gotta try'n catch Sassy comin down tha road'n hide'er out in tha hay barn till figurin out somethun ta do with er,mabe find out where ole one-eye is'n ship'er off ta Him. Wonder iff'un UPS'll take er?

Life sure do be frought with tribulations seems ta Me! Courage My Dear,think good thoughts'n keep tha gun pointed down tha road bein ever mindful not ta fall outt'n tha tree!

EIEIO    Posted 09-26-2002 at 05:17:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just came down for a fresh cup of coffee, hafta take my thermos up there. So far I have seen, six rabbits, bunch of Canandian Geese, been pecked on by a few birds. Cat tried keeping me company but got bored. Ain't seen hide nor hair of them two yet.

I was thinking I could maybe get a hagermution that I have stored in the barn. Excallifate the two hussies in it, push the treder pedal and package them up real pretty. Only problem the fretteration that I need to start it is acting a might poorly. Man, I wish I could get a (DELETE) here but I know I am not yet qualified for such an excellent piece of machinery.

Well back to the tree!!!

DENNIS TAKE THAT GUN AWAY FROM HER    Posted 09-26-2002 at 07:32:58       [Reply]  [No Email]

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