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Country Discussion Topics
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Excidia Glandulosa (Black Witches Butter)
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Dale    Posted 09-27-2002 at 09:21:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Does anyone know how to rid your yard of this fungus? We had a porcupine with a bad habit of eating our wood siding on our house, and for a long time, we thought this stuff was just porcupine scat, until we found a picture of it in a reference book. HELP, please?

Shanawanikki Nations    Posted 09-27-2002 at 20:10:31       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Shanawanikki Nations

Shanawanikki Nations    Posted 09-27-2002 at 21:47:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thank you Patria.

She smiled at a sorrowful stranger.
The smile seemed to make him feel better.

He remembered past kindnesses of a friend
And wrote him a thank you letter.

The friend was so pleased with the thank you
That he left a large tip after lunch.

The waitress, surprised by the size of the tip,
Bet the whole thing on a hunch.

The next day she picked up her winnings
And gave part to a man on the street.

The man on the street was grateful;
For two days he'd had nothing to eat.

After he finished his dinner,
He left for his small dingy room.

He didn't know at that moment
that he might be facing his doom.

On the way he picked up a shivering puppy
And took him home to get warm.

The puppy was very grateful
To be in out of the storm.

That night the house caught on fire.
The puppy barked the alarm.

He barked till he woke the whole household
And saved everybody from harm.

One of the boys that he rescued
Grew up to be President.

All this because of a simple smile
hat hadn't cost a cent.

Author Unknown

:) Shanawanikki Nations

'Life' Happens    Posted 09-28-2002 at 07:15:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.

and Shanawanikki,one never know when a Howard Hughes may cross our path...:-), although I don't have the wealth to pay for smiles, I'm content to brighten someone's day with a Hi, if that's all it's free, and you sleep like a baby:-)

Thank you and may the sun shines for you today.

Patria/PR    Posted 09-27-2002 at 20:38:29       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Shanawanikki,this will be of great help for me also.

Thank you very much

Patria/PR    Posted 09-27-2002 at 11:38:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hello Dale
Had this problem some years ago,and again a year and a halve later in another area of the house,went to a big hardware store and they adviced me to scrape very good the soft rotten area,then treat it with a 'borate wood preservative',let it dry,apply a second coat, a 'liquid exposy consolidant'is then applied to harden the soft wood,they said this would cure the wood,now an exposy wood filler is packed into the void.The surface should be ready now to be sanded and repainted.
Another alternative could be replacing the wood in the area, this I had to do also.
I have a wood house and the common construction here in PR is in concrete, huricanes hit hard and the humidity is high.But I wanted a wood house.

Hope this works.

Dale    Posted 09-28-2002 at 16:28:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dear Patria/PR,

Thanks for sharing your story with me. Unfortunately, this fungus is NOT on the wood of my house, but rather in several spots on my lawn !I live very close to a forest, altho' our house is in a clearing of over an acre. There are NO signs of wood rot on my house anywhere, but this icky green-black fungus on the lawn is awful looking, and I'd just like to get rid of it. I have gone through several search engines and can find the references to the genus name, but no suggestion as to how to get rid of it.

Thanks anyway. Dale

Chuck Kelly    Posted 06-28-2004 at 10:42:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Use bleach and don't use Roundup, I heard it feeds it. I had it on my lawn and gravel driveway for years and tried bleach ($1 a gallon) one day and it killed it. The ground has the fungus in it so you may have to spay it with bleach every two months in the summer for a couple of years. It's like chasing a goffer. It comes up in different place from year to year.

Is the fungus eating the grass or....    Posted 09-28-2002 at 19:02:05       [Reply]  [Send Email] it just staining it?


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