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Country Discussion Topics
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EI, KAT, and the rest o' u wimmen,,
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Ron/PA    Posted 09-30-2002 at 04:57:24       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Could you ladies please explain something to me? Reading previous posts, I see that some of you have a little problem eating the animals that you raise, HOWEVER you have NO problem giving the old man a whack in the head, or mess up his face, (broken nose?) Just what is the deal here, is it any wonder that us guys here get confused?
Have we suddenly taken a backseat to a pig or has it always been that way?
And while you are at it, splain this please, I am EXPECTED to go out and beat on the head of a snake, but you let me kick ONE dam little puppy and I'm in the dog house for a month, and they don't even make good chili???????????

Kat in NJ    Posted 09-30-2002 at 15:38:53       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Well, Ron, I suspect that us girls just have a soft spot for anything defenseless, like a lamb or a puppy, while you fellas sometimes need to be brought to your senses! 'Course, in EIEIO's case, maybe instead of roughing up Dennis as he is blameless for being irresistable to the opposite sex, she should just go after those hussies tryin' to spark him behind her back -- a pair of knitting needles to the eye sockets can be awfully effective!

And of course the men have to deal with the snakes -- lookit what happened when Eve was allowed to take a crack at one!!!

PS: Just so y'all don't think I rough up John too much, I just bought him a brandy-new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker. Now, if he can just get it set up and lit (a.) without breaking anything or (b.) lighting himself on fire! ......

Ron/PA    Posted 09-30-2002 at 06:59:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
FEMALE??? LOGIC????? Ok enough for me, I've had this conversation before at home, and it hurt that time too.
Sarge, it seems like your home training made you a shoe in for your military job.
PS the pup bit me for the post about the chili!

EIEIO    Posted 09-30-2002 at 06:11:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well it is this way, I have no problem eating the animals I raise because I tell myself this is why we bought them and I don't fuss over them a lot, well maybe just a little bit.

Now as far as wacking the old man in the head. Every so often whether Dennis needs it or not I have to do it just to get his attention. This may sound harsh but thems the facts.

Doesn't mean I don't love him, ifn I didn't love him I wouldn't be a wacking him - now that is my female logic.

By the way, good morning my friend.

WallSal55 - Various theories on my man's hearing....    Posted 09-30-2002 at 07:36:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have often wondered if there's just a longer
path from my husband's outer ear, to his ear drum,
and then the part of the brain where it has to go
to be processed.
And, then, on the other hand, perhaps it just
goes in and bounces around and around. (anything
in there?)

Old Sarge    Posted 09-30-2002 at 06:25:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
L:ike my grandma used ta tell me. "That's fer nuthin, now just wait till you do sumthin".

Sure wasn't easy growin up in a house fulla wimmens. Lordy, Gramma, Auntie Olive, and three sisters. Me the only male.

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