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Irish Travellers
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Brad in IN    Posted 10-15-2002 at 07:33:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
I recently saw a news program about Irish Travellers; the groups who gypsy around and do home repairs, driveway paving, and such.
There are some travellers who come to my township once a year to spray paint metal buildings. My neighbor has had them work at her place every year, and I used them this year, and have been very pleased with theri work.
I also have had to chase another family around several counties for ripping off elderly folks, for home improvement fraud.
Anybody deal with the Travellers in your areas? Are you trying to track down any?

screaminghollow    Posted 10-15-2002 at 20:47:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Around here they just call em gypsies. Never heard any honest stories about em, but I heard a lot a bad. They'd offer to coat the driveway with sealer, and use old drain oil. Story goes that many years back they went to a bakery near here and offered to "re-tin" the insides of the large mixing bowls. Instead they just coated em with mercury and a bunch of folks died or near died. The story also says a few local self appointed's caught up with them and not only hanged a couple of the men, but also went a little over board with the women. Folks from both groups went to jail. I lawyer friend of mine represented a few of em down in Montgomery County Maryland. Seems they had several of their group in the lines near the checkouts at a Wheaton Md supermarket. A man and woman of the group started arguing between themselves just as they got to the register. He accused her of showing too much flesh to an acquaintance and she called him some names designed to diminish his manhood. She says well if you don't like me showing off, how do ya like this. She climbs up on the checkout counter and proceeds to pull off her shirt, bra and jeans. As she's going to lower the panties, one of the cashiers finally realizes that the accomplices had reached into all the register drawers and lifted the currency. The store figured it got hit for about $2,700 from various registers because the cashiers were too busy gawking. The cops only got the man and woman who got charged with a bunch of crimes. Gotta give em credit for creativity.

JoeK..Interesting Irish Travellers link    Posted 10-15-2002 at 10:37:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Article spin off from IN Mall Child Abuse newsbyte

Kat in NJ    Posted 10-15-2002 at 10:05:38       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Our little town in New Jersey, where people still don't always lock their doors at night, is currently under a police advisory about a group of Irish Travellers who have been working the neighborhood. They'll ring a doorbell and, if no one answers, go 'round back and get into the house. Trouble is, there have been a few incidents where the homeowner was just slow in getting to the door and has surprised the enteree getting into the valuables.

According to the police, these groups generally stay in lodgings some miles from where their depredations take place, as it makes them more difficult to tail. When things finally get too hot in one spot and they attract too much notice, they move on.

If they did any legitimate work, they would probably make out better -- you can't find a handyman here to save your life!

WallSal 55 - Yes!    Posted 10-15-2002 at 08:10:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Here in Bureau Co., IL we have them to paint
the buildings for a good price. However, some
have reported the paint runs. The county sheriff
always on the lookout for when they might be in
the area. The last time, (we believe it might have been them), our answering machine and our
neighbors' kept picking up at the same time w/no
one there. (Both of us were doing home repairs,
with tools and equipment sitting outside.)
Anyway, I caught on to the answering machine thing, as a man had actually said he was calling about something, but I figured he was the one calling every day at noon to see if anyone was home. So I stayed home, always kept a vehicle in
the drive, the place was lit up like it was Christmas at night. I was so busy worrying about
protecting our place day and night, (as I figure we were being targeted,) I forgot to warn the
neighbors. So, our other neighbors were robbed of
their tools in the broad daylight while they were
at work. The sheriff said the gypsies were in the
area at the time of the burglary.
Now, my brother-in-law said that he has had
some Irish travellers do the work in S. IL and the
work was fine. (?) Best to have a local person
from your home town do the work, someone you know!
And my lesson that I learned, was to start neighboring, with a neighborhood watch, and call
the sheriff for patrol. (if that would even help?)
The rip-offs definitely won't offer a name,
address, phone, but will say they are just here
for a while, before they head back south. The
one painter, I asked what his name was. He offered no name, so I said we would have the work
done by someone in town. Bye!

LH    Posted 10-15-2002 at 08:02:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Brad: we used to deal with the Travellers every season when I was working. Prosecuting them was always hard since they all live together and have the same names so it's hard to single one out for a warrant. The best thing is just try and promote public awareness of their home improvment scams via annual media campaigns to warn against them. The typical problems we had were driveway resealing with watered down oil that wahsed off after a rain, and metal roof painting donw with water colors that would wash the aluminum coloring right down the sides of a barn with the first hard rain, and usualy the scammers were long gone when this was found out. Also thefts from properties where they were working.

Brad in IN    Posted 10-15-2002 at 08:28:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
LH, These guys have returned to paint buildings and silos for years, and never been a problem. I left them to do my buildings, with the shop unlocked, no problem.
a family by the name of Chapin is one to watch. I got them for ripping of some elderly. They were caught in Texas, and the prosecutor had them refund the money, and it was dropped.
The father/son operation who does a good job is named Sherlock, but I understand Sherlock is a very common Traveller name.

DL    Posted 09-20-2003 at 07:42:54       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Quickly paying restitution is a common IT way of avoiding prosecution. They then leave the area, but not before passing on the victim's names to other IT families.

IT families share common names to avoid police. There are probably hundreds of IT families with the names Chapin and/or Sherlock. They might even be the same IT family.

Fawteen - Nope    Posted 10-15-2002 at 07:39:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
It's the Gypsy Pavers that work this area. "We just did so-and-so's driveway, and have part of a load left, we'll give ya a heck of a deal..."

Usually lasts until the first frost, and ya pay darn near as much as having a local contractor do it.

Salmoneye    Posted 10-15-2002 at 07:54:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have found that the grass growing down the middle of my driveway discourages them from stopping here...

DeadCarp - paving?    Posted 10-15-2002 at 07:53:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sounds like the "Tijuana Stain" that So California had sprayed on its patio covers in the 70s. It was roofing tar dissolved in paint thinner. Few people made a fortune with that one. :)

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