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Question about pasture ( a little long)
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jamo    Posted 10-17-2002 at 05:46:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I have a dilema. We have about 5 acres that we use to let a farmer have, but he didn't plant this year because of the flooding and we then decided to take the pasture back for our horse and donkey when the drought hit. Our neighbor cut it down and started spreading manure every week and a nice pasture of alphalpha(sp) was coming up. Well, sadly, their son was killed so obviously they don't feel much like helping. Here's the problem. We don't own a tractor. Can I just fling seed out there? Something that maybe would eventually take over the weeds? Should I kill off the weeds that are there now? I need to figure something out that I can manage on my own. Thanks for any ideas.
P.S. Pray for me that ya see a tractor in my future! lol

buck    Posted 10-17-2002 at 16:18:59       [Reply]  [No Email]

You will be amazed at how quick you can seed and ever fertalize 5 acres with one of those shoulder bag type broadcast seeders. Also your horse and donkey will go a long way to getting the seed embeded for you especially if you place the seed when the ground is soft or during those freeze/thow times like others have mentioned.I would suggest that you have the area cut fairly often to control the weed growth.

LH    Posted 10-17-2002 at 05:55:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Without using chemicals to burn off the weeds, I've found the best way is to get it all mowed real good. Especially in the spring before the weeds go to seed. As far as reseeding if you don't have a tractor or access to one so that you can at least lightly disc the soil prior to seeding, the best and easiest way I've found is to wait until you get some snow on the ground, then go out and sew the seed directly on top of the snow. As it melts it will let the seed work directly down into the soil. You may lose some seed to hungry birds, but not usually too much when the majority of birds have gone south for the winter.

Fawteen    Posted 10-17-2002 at 09:00:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do a Google search on "frost seeding". It's basically what LH said, with a few additions. The idea is to seed in late spring before the frost is out. As the snow melts and the frost comes out of the ground, the seeds drop into the little pits and crevices, and sow themselves.

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