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Portable pens
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DeadCarp    Posted 10-22-2002 at 06:40:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
We loaded & moved 8 heifers the other day - used those snap-together portable pipe corral things and it worked pretty slick - this one had 1-inch pipe rails, was 6 feet tall and a section was i think 12 feet long. Anyway, 1 guy could wrestle a section around off the rack & the heifers didn't try to jump it. Is there an ideal design for handling cattle? I'm thinking about welding a set up.

JoeK    Posted 10-22-2002 at 07:10:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
We used to have about a dozen"hog panels/livestock panels" to use as temporary pens,dividers,loading guides.These were welded hvy wire/rod and about 4x12 ft,easily handled,and purchased from farm store.With a few T posts and these panels,you could set up a temporary pen or such in no time.If I recall right the were quite inexpensive too.

Grove r    Posted 10-22-2002 at 06:58:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
'Mornin' DC, this is something I have been thinking about doing for some time now....have all this grass in the outer yard that the cows could eat and keep trimmed down around the machinery and buildings and such, but there are places I don't want a piece of machinery I'm working on.....putting up electric fences all the time is a hassle.... and a lot of the area I can't mow.... I don't know of a particular designe being better or worse, just what would work for you, and exactly what you would use them for... like handling cows or just containing them. My thought was inch and a quarter square tubeing, light wall, for what I would use, with a cross piece on the bottom of one end of each panel so they could be free standing. Even thought of using that concrete reinforceing mesh, 5X5?, in a frame work of tubeing, to make panels about five feet high and twelve or so feet long....that might even be cheaper....just thinking out loud......have a gooder, R.E.L.

bob    Posted 10-22-2002 at 07:50:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
i use the concrete wire for fencing It is high enoughso they don,t rub on top. My son made a bunch of panels 2 years ago to make a roping arenaa out of pipe.1in i think. they said make sure you have plenty of upright braces between pipes. they made with locking hinges one high one low so are easy to set up when they have cattle to rope that area has a steel fence post behind panel for suport. real easy to move some are 10 ft and some12ft long

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