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Country Discussion Topics
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Pumpkin seeds
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Joe    Posted 10-23-2002 at 05:38:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
how do you make pumpkin seeds? What do you do after you take them out of the pumpkin? step by step would help. I have the big, big pumpkins and then a bunch of regular size ones, do the seeds cook different?
thanks alot for you help

Chuck, WA    Posted 10-23-2002 at 08:11:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hmmmmm...reluctant to post the following - too easy, too "modern," too...whatever. Nevertheless, here goes!

We're not growing any pumpkins or much of anything else in the garden right now (first year in our current place), but my wife does squash (from the local farmer's market) seeds for use as snacks just like pumpkin seeds. Not all squash seeds work equally well. She just cleans them out of the squash, rinses them, salts, then spreads them out on a plate or bowl and pops them in the microwave. She stirs them around as they dry. Pretty quick and easy!

We don't raise any pumpkins, but sometimes buy raw pumpkin seeds at the local health food store. Among other "recipes" we sometimes douse them in soy sauce, then do the same microwave drying. When they get close to done, they start to "pop." Those that pop puff up so they are round and elongated rather than flat. Tasty!

Well...there ya go...heresy! :)

WallSal55    Posted 10-23-2002 at 07:01:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you search the archives, there was a link posted here before on Pumpkin Seeds and recipes.
I found I had to rinse them really well first in
a collander, and set them out to dry before
roasting on a jelly roll pan. (15 X 11 X 1 cookie sheet). Does anyone else find the need
to do this?
I used to dry them on newspaper, but have found
with today's newspapers the ink bleeds onto the
pumpkins seeds. So, then I tried paper towels,
but the paper towels disintegrates with moisture
and then there's paper towel bits on the seeds.
I need help with the preparation process, so hope others can help, as I dearly love them!

June in SD    Posted 10-24-2002 at 07:16:41       [Reply]  [Send Email]
WalSal. You can dry them on coffee filters. They are made to get wet and not disintegrate. And I use Bounty towels a lot: for drying things, blowing my nose, and in water color or acrylic painting to clean my brushes (and a note for the gents who seem not to be able to follow my thoughts when they spill out, not all on the same towell) and they don't disintegrate doing those things. They will come apart in the washer tho'. but if you have a piece of fibreglass screen, just lay it over the newspaper, which will still absorb most of the water but it won't bleed back through the screen. Yes. I rinse them, then I boil them in a small amount of salted water until the water is gone, then I roast them until they are dry in the oven. I like the idea of the soy sauce, and maybe some of Emeril's Essence or maybe some of the butter flavored Popcorn Salt. This idea/recipe could be a lot of fun to playwith.

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