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Country Discussion Topics
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I'm Sad Today......
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loriev    Posted 10-23-2002 at 08:59:45       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi, just looking for a little support... We lost a duck this morning, and I'm just devestated. My son (5) is going to be as well, and I'm not sure how to handle it. It's really my fault. I came home late the other night, and went to water my hens and ducks, I have (had) 2 Rouen ducks, male and female. (they were the cutest couple)., Anyway, I watered them, and the are SO good about going back in the coup, I took my kids inside, intending to go back out later and shut the gate. Well, I forgot. About 3 in the morning, I heard my dogs barking, and luckily I got irritated enough to go outside to see what was going on. My GOOD dog, ran to the duck, ( i couldn't see) in the yard and nudged her to let me know that she was hurt, and all I could do was put him back in the coop and shut the door. Well, he ran into the coop, and even came outside the next morning. I did a lot of praying that night. He had a pretty good chunk out of his feathers, and his neck was bleeding pretty bad, but since he was getting around, I though maybe he had a chance. This morning, I found him. I didn't tell my son, but I am going to have to tonight. (They were quite fond of eachother). I guess I just need an opinion. Is there anyway to get through this well????????? Thanks for listening.

loriev    Posted 10-24-2002 at 08:24:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]
THANKS EVERYONE! It went pretty well with my son. He cried for quite a while, and I cried for quite a while, (it's amazing how close you can get to an animal), and we got through it. I appreciate the support and kind words. Also, the laughs. Take care all, L.

Xpltivdletd    Posted 10-23-2002 at 20:26:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sorry to hear of it. I went through a few years of being the one who had to take some critter to the Shelter when this or that domestic ...arrangement went South and my ship was pulling out. I don't *do* pets any more, beyond coaxing a stray paper-wasp onto a gloved hand for a ride out of my basement.

(They're very bright, not belligerent, and very beneficial in general, but they don't live long enough to form any bonds worthy of the name.)

Where I live (the smaller of the 2 'S' bends in the Ohio River where it separates WV from OH) I have heard of a possum preying on domestic geese. While the bad news in that is obvious, the good news is that possums are *not* the rocket-scientists of the predator world.

Hope you find a solution that's neither costly nor demanding. One of my siblings believed in a "Doggy-heaven" for quite a bit of his childhood FWIW. Be well. RKBA! Regards, all.

DebR in MT    Posted 10-23-2002 at 12:45:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sorry for your loss. There's not much that helps except time and getting on with taking care of the others.

Tom A    Posted 10-23-2002 at 10:10:27       [Reply]  [No Email]

Sorry to hear your story. Tell him easy, then hold him if he cries...that's what Moms are so very good at. He'll get over it soon enough, that's what kids are good at, but he'll never forget that you were there to hold him.

As far as you feeling bad. You do your best for your animals, take the best care of them that you can. But the fact is that we all die. It is sad when one of our 'mistakes' hastens that a little, but it happens. Don't get down on yourself, just get another critter and take care of it as best you can.

For future reference, I've got one crazy vet who will treat even my 'oddball' pets. Had a hen that got attacked and torn up badly by the neighbor's dog, and she treated it like a human patient...and didn't do it for the money either. I know her time and materials (IV, sutures etc) cost at least what she charged me. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find a vet like that in your area.

anyway, good luck.


EIEIO    Posted 10-23-2002 at 09:49:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have no wonderful words of wisdom except to say I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know when I went out one morning and found one of our sheep dead I was quite upset. Telling a little one is the tough part. The only way I can relate was when my son was about five his Irish Setter got run over by a car, dog ran out the front door when someone came in. My son was sleeping so I buried the dog and the next morning when he got up I told him the Foxy wanted to be with other dogs and that he went to Dog Heaven, well my son in the wisdom of children asked if "God came down from heaven on a stepladder and took Foxy up there?" What a shame that the innocence of children is soon lost as we grow into adulthood and face reality.

You could just tell him that the duck was hurt real bad, without going into detail. Do not blame yourself sounds to me like you did the best you could do.

After telling your son you might want to ask him to help you find a replacement to take his mind off of the loss. That is if you are going to get another duck. Sometimes the idea of finding another pet helps them get over their loss. Just a thought. I wish you luck and please let us know what happens.

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