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Country Discussion Topics
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Surefire way to find a buryied phone line.
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Bentcrank    Posted 10-25-2002 at 06:20:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
1. You ffurst got to figger where you want to plant a gate post. Thas the most importent. You have to start that way

2. If the ground is dry and hard like some of it hear then you need yer diggin bar an yer neighbors teenage son.

3, Park yer truck such that when yer tailgate is down yeer not alookin into the sun when you sit there.

4, to speed up the job offer that boy yer mrs. car for him to take yer sisters youngest daughter to Tastee Frezze when he done a diggin an scratchin in that hole for the gate post

5. remind him that this pastture is needin 2 gates so thats 5 holes.

6. cut telehone line on first hole then without any more plannin cut the phone line again when that 2nd. gate gets its furst hole

7. when the job is winding down sneak over to the house and pull the coil wire off the mrs. car so you dont have no more trouble that day

8. when the phone compeny feller shows up ask him if he can loan the boy his van whislt he fixes up them lines

Now I cant say this will work for you folks, but it was surefire for me. All but the van part. Mrs. made me give up the truck for the evening and I had to buy them kids tastee frezze to boot.
But I'd say it was worth all the trouble an would recummet it to any of you if a gate was needed somewhars on yer place

DeadCarp - overhead lines are easier yet    Posted 10-25-2002 at 09:31:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
All you need is ALMOST a whole load of firewood, one more dead tree out by the road, an eager chainsaw, tired operator and a little gust of wind at the wrong time! The phone line's the one along the bottom - the one that's not barbequeing limbs. :)

PS: DO NOT try to dart in between spark-showers and bring it the rest of the way down! Just go get your checkbook :(

DebR in MT    Posted 10-25-2002 at 08:26:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
We could show you how to find the gas line too if you want!!! All you have to do is use a backhoe to clean out the irrigation ditch. What a terrible noise. In my hubbie's defense though, who'd of thought they'd put a gas line about 3 inches under the ditch. Oh, he also found the phone line too, thank you very much. The gas line cost us $400 (they charged us for the gas too) and the phone line cost us $90. Not a happy missus here. Now he calls for a locator no matter what he's doing!

Grove r    Posted 10-25-2002 at 08:23:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
That is priceless BC, have severed more than my fair share of phone lines.... not nearly with as much finness as you qoute....let me explaine; in years gone by, when I operated heavy equipment, was working quite a bit with the local MD rebuilding roads, operating a 'dozer, doing what 'dozers do....I think my biggest "kill" was a hundred pair phone line, that is two hundred of those little wires in a cable...was not too popular with the repair man, who had to have it fixed before he went home....not to mention the phone company.....have a gooder R.E.L.

Ron/PA    Posted 10-25-2002 at 06:30:55       [Reply]  [No Email]

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