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Need Help with Baby Duck
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EIEIO    Posted 10-26-2002 at 05:27:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
My neighbor gave me three ducks that were a day old. The problem is this one. Photos are in the photo gallery. They are now five days old and three days ago I noticed this one had a problem so I kept an eye on her. Her neck is really crooked. She eats, drinks, poops, peeps, and walks all over the place only she cannot straighten out her neck. I asked my neighbor about it and she has never seen anything like it. Last night I started Physical Therapy, I thought maybe if I massaged her neck it would go straight. She doesn't put up a fuss when I do this. Maybe it I did this a few times a day it might help. Don't laugh but I was thinking of making some sort of a splint to straighten it out. I sure don't want to, be blunt about it, put her to sleep because she is healthy in every other aspect. Any suggestions please?? Her name in Hunchie, short for Hunchback. She is a cutie!

donya    Posted 02-07-2004 at 13:54:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
i need help i have a baby duck that what me to play with her and be with her but i have school and i cant play with her at school what do i do she peeps for me and my mom doesn't like it becuse she has to sleep at day becuse she works at night what do i do

C.J. in SD    Posted 10-26-2002 at 15:08:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'm not sure what it's calles with ducks but in chickens I think it's called limber neck. If your willing to make this duck a pet and devote alot of time to it's care and feeding, you can lessen the severity. It will take time and effort on your part. You can use strips of soda pop can wrapped in electrical or duct tape to make a splint. They will have to be made perhaps once a week since the baby grows fast. Since you cannot take the duck to a completely normal angle all at once you will have to shape them. You can use velcro to fasten the splint closed. Supplement her feed with a calcium replacement or try putting some instant milk in the chick or duckling mash. You also have to know that all this work will have limited success and will make the animal fairly miserable in the process. In chickens there's no known cure and is considered a genetic defect (I think.) If your duck seems healthy and alert and not in any pain you cn leave her be or use massage therapy to keep her comfortable. (Miracles do happen, it's just that the average farm family has little time to spend on the deformed to help them along.) But understand there will come a time in her life when this will distrupt her living ability and she will end up either dying or will have to be euthanized. Sorry to be the bearer of such unpleasant news. Good luck.

Saddlebum    Posted 10-26-2002 at 08:16:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Goodness, never a dull moment. If she makes it, and it's not a life-threatening thing, she probably will adapt. My sister-in-law had a large parrot that had a deformed wing and leg who did just fine and lived for years (until my brother accidentally "fogged" the house and forgot Heidi was back there in her cage. Rest in peace, Heidi.) There's a lady named Linda Tellington-Jones who does all sorts of massage and PT techniques for animals, called the TTouch. We've used it on horses, dogs and cats with good results. Why not on ducks? If you do a web search on her name, you'll find lots of stuff. Good luck with her--hope she does okay.

EIEIO    Posted 10-26-2002 at 10:11:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am sorry but I laughed about the poor parrot, it was the way your told the story. It reminded of my uncle who was quite a drinker. Anyway he came home after having a few??!! decided my Aunt's pet parakeet who she had for eons needed a bath. He drowned the poor thing. I think that was the beginning of the end for him, my uncle that is, it was already the end for the parakeet.

Fawteen    Posted 10-26-2002 at 05:38:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
If she's eating okay, and is bright and alert, I'd say leave her be. She'll adapt.

I doubt there's anything to be done anyway, it's likely skeletal rather than muscular.

But then, I'm an idjit...

EIEIO    Posted 10-26-2002 at 05:51:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Who said you was an idjit? Let me at em. Thanks for the help it is encouraging.

Ron/PA    Posted 10-26-2002 at 07:55:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
EI, In chickens this is called "Limberneck" and there is really nothing to be done for it, usually as the birds get older it gets more severe. If you see any signs of your duck having problems eating, drinking, walking, or just standing, then I would not let it progress any further.
Don't rush out to do anything rash on my word, I don't know if this even effects ducks.
Just my thoughts, and I will try to dig out the books and see if they list it as a problem with ducks.

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