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Them fellers didn't mention this here way to move a well.
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Bent crank    Posted 10-27-2002 at 16:15:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ferst off you got to replace the bucket rope with chain an most likely a 3/8 thz. or bigger becuze water is heavier than it looks.

Next you got to have whether cold enough to freese a well diggers caboose.

Prepare yourself with somes way of liftin that chain, and them of you who cheated on size can jest quit right here cause the chain will brake every time with a quatr inches link.

Last time I moved our well it took much longer than it had to tak becuze all we had to rase anything with was a Cat D7 cable lift dozert whats got a bad tick to it

Gettin ahead of myself a bit. 2nd off you got to have that well frose uphard from the top to the very bottom. Thems of you that gots deep wells is out of luck on this unless you can run some cold air around the top of the well for a month or two. It takes a hole heap of cold to get to the bottum of a deep well.

Oncet the thing is frose up good you got to hook that chain to your lifting mechanizum device and a loader on a sound tractor will work for this also for thems what got one.

Next you need a good chainsaw whats got a good chain on it. One that will start on the furst tug not like that durn Stihill saw some scoundrill traded me for that good prize winning heiffer. But I cant get in to that hisdory here now.

As you yank up some on that frose water get the loader or such as high as it well go. Than taking care not to catch the chainsaw on the chain in the frose water cut off that much of the well an put it up on the hay wagon for tranport to the new well locashin. It gets simpler here on out.
Keep repeteing this untill you get the well completely out of the ground. Borrow your kins hay wagons if you need them. Load up and go to the spot wear you are going to sink this well back into the ground.

The weather will stay on your side if you keep them chunks out of the sun until you are ready to set them back into the ground.

Now here is the tricky part. You got to know just whare the right spot is to relocaate this water or you will struggle to do it right. Next you need a good way to set the first trunk on the ground and let it sit until it goes into the ground. Then stack the 2nd. one up on the same spot. Keep this up untill you are done with all them chunks.

Now hear is the deal. When after a severil few days I come to see our old well was up with water once more and did not have no cause to use the new well. But if I ever need that secund well, then I know right whare it is.

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