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Country Discussion Topics
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My goat doe is no longer a spinster....
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Rachel    Posted 10-29-2002 at 06:20:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
And is at a new friend's with 200 does and several Boer Rams. She was shy when we left her off there but I am sure when she meets her new lover-boy, that shyness will be quickly gone. We were told that she is probably a Nubian-Angora cross, as we first thought. She is completely white and gets a soft thick slightly curly winter coat. There were at least 20 one day old kids there and EI, ya would have been in love! We also made a deal for 2 more does. One Nubian in milk, and one La Mancha, the no-eared kind. The La Mancha is bred. The Nubie's name is Cookie Monster! They also had 2 Great Pyrenee dogs and we have decided to get one. Had a dog or something get 2 ducks, a mating pair, no less, Sat. while we were at the animal auction. Decided we need a guard dog. Our Dane is useless at that. She probably gave the predator a tour thru the coop! Nice ta chat with ya'll again, Rachel on Hobohill

EIEIO    Posted 10-29-2002 at 06:46:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
OKay where are the pictures. I envy you that fun trip, I would have probably not left without taking a few little ones home. We have a great pyr Halfpint and I just love him. He does stay outside, has 1/4 of the barn plus a fenced in pasture. Since we do not have our sheep anymore, I have put the little sheep and pygmy goat in with him. He needs the responsibility otherwise he gets depressed. We did have him fixed last week though because he was trying to have an illicit affair with the goat who was in heat. They will herd everything in site. When he is out running he brings all the chickens and ducks to the barn, even goes to the pasture next to us and makes sure the horses are all in one place. We only let him run free when I am out there. The one thing to remember though when they are doing their thing you can do whatever and they will not listen to you. Even in the Great Pyr site it says even the most behaved dog has a mind of their own when they are doing what they were bred to do. Ours is now 10 months old, when he is standing on his hind legs he is about 5' and he weighs about 90 pounds, Vet said he won't reach his full weight until he is about two years old. I am so excited for you. Thanks for sharing the trip.

Rachel    Posted 10-29-2002 at 17:27:47       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Ei, I WOULD"VE taken a kid home, but they were just too young! Still sucking colostrum from Mama. It was hard to leave Trudy, my lil spinster goat. It was funny about Tonya and Gerald, the new goat friends. One said Pyrs herd and guard, the other said they only guard and won't herd. I thought they did both as you said. Since we already have a Great Dane who is too friendly to keep other dogs away, we decided to look for a Pyr. I had a 1/2 Pyr before, too. Great dogs! Now I need to find a free one or cheap, anyway. I did before and will again, I'm sure. There are always people giving away pups in the Spring. I wish I had a digital camera but I don't. I love the recent pics you posted of the duckling! Rachel

Ty    Posted 10-29-2002 at 17:54:44       [Reply]  [Send Email]
If a goat is over 24 hours old it is no longer on colostrum. If a goat dosen't get it within 24 hours it will probally die. after about 24 hours they can no longer absorb colostrum so it is useless to give it to them. If the goats were over a day old they were just drinking plain old goat milk.

Rachel    Posted 10-30-2002 at 07:49:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]
colostrum lasted 3 days minimum?

JoeK    Posted 10-29-2002 at 09:01:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
Friend a mines wolfhound was pretty strong willed as to what he wanted to do.Hard to break him off whatever he was interested in.Ie:chasin somethin.
,comin when he was "busy".He borrowed/rented a shock training collar for a couple/three weeks and taught him single command "HUP" meant "Pay attention now" and do as yer told.Worked out pretty good.Dang dogs near shetland pony sized,I'm 6'.and he can look me in the face with his paws on my shoulders.

Rachel    Posted 10-29-2002 at 17:34:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Cool dog, Joe! I know our Dane is taller than my 5 ft. even and has been since she was a yr. old. Great dogs, Danes, but not really a stock dog. Now give her a wild boar to chase and she might do well!

Rachel    Posted 10-29-2002 at 17:30:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Cool dog, Joe! I know our Dane is taller than my 5 ft. even and has been since she was a yr. old. Great dogs, Danes, but not really a stock dog. Now give her a wild boar to chase and she might do well!

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