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Redtractorman and virus
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Tom A    Posted 11-16-2002 at 07:08:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Warning to all on the board:

I've gotten several emails from somebody calling themselves "Redtractorman" over the past few months. Each time there's been an attachment, and each time the attachment has contained a computer virus.

If you get email from this person, just delete it...better safe than sorry.

If you *are* this person, be aware that I just delete your emails now. If it is an accident, then get a virus scanner and clean your machine.

Tom A

Ron/PA    Posted 11-16-2002 at 11:33:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Tom, last week I got an email saying that I has sent someone an infected attachment, I went back to double check, and just as I thought I had not sent an attachment for weeks. I re-ran my norton and it comes up clean then I updated norton, and re-re-ran it and it still comes up clean. It has however stopped several e-mails in the last few weeks that it said were infected.
I also think it may be coming from this board.
As an aside, I have seen redtractorman on the red board for a long time and have talked to him several times and never got a warning or had a problem.

Tom A    Posted 11-16-2002 at 12:49:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks, Ron.

My son had a similar experience to yours about a year back. It turns out that somebody had "hacked" or guessed his password and actually had been signing onto his account with it and sending the emails. The ISP said that was not all that uncommon.

For just that kind of reason, the security folks I work with recommend changing passwords monthly, making them a mix of letters and numbers, and making sure that the letters don't spell any common words. It is a pain, just like virus software, but seems to be the only way to stop this kind of nonsense.

I'm not accusing anybody, just trying to warn everybody and get this stuff stopped...someday I may not have an up-to-date virus scanner running!


Hogman***Tom You may remember all tha trouble I had .    Posted 11-16-2002 at 17:27:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Only way We cleaned it up was to stirp tha computer CLEAN and start from scratch. I now have every available Norton download and even so I got a w32thingie from a friend,just opened it without checkin. This thing would come on and send out email all night,5 virus and one worm. A mess!
It is a hateful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redtractorman    Posted 11-16-2002 at 08:03:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
I did not leave my email .These viruses are sent from someone without there knowledge.The virus picks an email address out of there address book and sends it so it looks like it comes from the addressee but doesn't.I have email scan on incoming and outcoming email on my machine.Have recieved virus from many off this board over the past 2 or 3 years,my email comes in telling me that I recieved email from a certain address and that it has been cleaned.I have many people I correspond from on an everyday basis and if I had a virus i would know right away.I have not ever sent an email to yo,have no idea who you are.

Tom A    Posted 11-16-2002 at 09:24:56       [Reply]  [No Email]

I don't know you either, and am just stating a fact. Maybe it was your machine that sent the virus, maybe not.

Since you answered my post, I'm going to guess it was either unintentional or else that somebody else is using your name.

As a check for you, I sent a private email to the sender of the messages. If you receive it, then it came from your account and either:

1) Your virus scanner doesn't work, perhaps is outdated or,

2) Somebody has stolen your password and is using your account to send this virus.

If somebody is using your account, then I'd suggest you immediately change your password and notify your ISP of the security breach.

If it isn't you at all, then I guess this is just a lesson for everybody to keep your scanning software updated and to be careful.

take care,
Tom A

Salmoneye    Posted 11-17-2002 at 03:11:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
RedTractorMan did not explain it very well...

You can not reply to the 'sender' of the virus attachment as it is usually NOT the person that it says sent it...

Klez (and a couple other) new viruses get into a puter...they then scan that puters' address book in Outlook Express for a new name...they then will use that new name when they send themselves out again...The person that you think is sending the virus, in this case RedTractorMan is NOT the one sending it, he is just someone in the infected computers address file...I received a virus attachment a few months ago...supposedly from MYSELF!...LOL

Do not blame him as he seems to be doing everything in his power to prevent HIS machine from being used illegally...

You may want to spend some time reading up on viruses and especially the new breed that seems to have you confused...

I can teach you how to never need AV software...Turn OFF the 'Preview Pane' in Outlook Express, keep NO NAMES in your address book, and NEVER open an attachment without verifying from the 'sender' what it is...If everyone followed those rules the AV companies are out of business overnight...I do HIGHLY recommend a good firewall though such as ZoneAlarm Or TinyPersonalFirewall...


Somewhat Of A Techno-Nerd

redtractorman    Posted 11-17-2002 at 09:43:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thank you for explaining this,I know what I meant and did not explain accuratly like you did.I have zone alarm fire wall and 2 virus systems on my computor to make sure I don't recieve or send any viruses.Tom emailed yesterday and I replied and he did not get any virus from me.

ger    Posted 11-16-2002 at 09:59:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
i think its a must if your goin to be on all these computer boards to have an updated virus protection an some kind of firewall too , i don,t know much about all that but my wife has it all on here , it does it,s thing everyday , takes about a half an hour , slows down the computer, but even with that im told that if hachers want to get in they can an do whatever they want, didn,t they just hit the american military or something last week but i really think we can only try to do our best both for ourselves an for our friends on here . my 2 cents lol . later ger

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