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Country Discussion Topics
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I am still here
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EIEIO    Posted 11-19-2002 at 05:32:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi everyone, appreciate those that emailed to see if I was still alive and kicking. I am learning a lot, when you incubate eggs, NEVER, have them where they will peep out in the middle of the cold weather if you do not have a winterized brooder outside. My kitchen table is end to end brooders, one for ducks and one for chicks and ducks are stinky!! Also like a greenhorn I have 20 more chicks ready to peep any minute now. Another lesson I have learned do all the peeping out at one time not in intervals. Plus the summer would have been better. Dennis fixed a brooder for them in the barn so we just need to put up a light and the oldest ones can go there. Also ger, I should have had you make ME a list of what all needs to get done before the cold hits. At least next year we will be ready for it. The old toot has been a building and a hammering like crazy. Our new pigs should be ready to be picked up tomorrow - but this time we DO have a inside pen for them. My crooked duck is doing great, he only has one problem and that is he is very pigeon-toed and every so often he steps on his feet and trips, but when he goes real fast he has no problem. I have let him run around in the house to make sure he will do okay. Well that is about it for now.

Have a rainbow DAY!!

cowgirlj    Posted 11-19-2002 at 11:01:16       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I wondered if you had named that little crooked necked duckling yet? I was thinking that the name Zeddy would suit him. In the Canadian alphabet, our Z is called Zed instead of Zee.

ger/hey eieio guess what    Posted 11-19-2002 at 08:04:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
you won,t be ready for winter next year either i been sayin that for over 20 yrs an still never ready ,always something else on the TO DO LIST welcome to the country lol, later ger

006.9    Posted 11-19-2002 at 23:58:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Gers right Lovely Lady when it comes ta bein ready for winter!!!!!! AND, tendin incubaters is why I cannot stand aigs! I bust em when theres no other choice cookin but betimes it still makes My belly churn doin it....Lord Love Ya Child'n keep ole Dennie agoin.....A idle mind be tha devils workshop Ya noe! Slack off'n no tellin what kinda mischief he'll come draggin in next, specialy if he starts gazin in a northerly direction,liable as not ta be thinkin bout one'a them slopjar beautys.

Patria / PR    Posted 11-19-2002 at 06:37:40       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Good Morning EIEIO, good to see you around. Hope you get everything under control soon so we can all enjoy again of your everyday input about life as it meant to be :-), including the funny side.
I baked the pastry for pie and topped it with apples, want to try it for pot-pie, it should work great also.
I thought the croked duck was a she; glad Hi's doing good.
Hehe , even I can give you the list for next winter, for all I've learned here. Now isn't that a joke??

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