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Country Discussion Topics
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Rooster in with the hens.
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dale b    Posted 06-14-2001 at 15:05:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
is it ok to have my rooster in with the hens. i want to hatch some eggs. is it ok to eat these eggs?
might seem like a silly question, but this is the first time i have the rooster in with the hens.
your help is much appreciated!!!!!
dale b

Mudcat49    Posted 06-15-2001 at 05:17:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Reminds me of a line in a song:
We had this rooster, no hens would he lay, we had this rooster no hens would he lay! (He was a silly ol' rooster!) My wife said honey, we're losing money. My wife said honey we're losing money. one day this other rooster came into our yard, one day this other rooster came into our yard. He caught that silly ol' rooster right off of his guard. He's laying hens now just like he oughta ever since that other rooster came into our yard!!!! The moral of this story is: if you have a rooster and you don't start seeing chicks in a while, then maybe you had better get another rooster!!!!

dale b    Posted 06-15-2001 at 12:11:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
i was told the rooster was about a year old, so he should be doing his job (i hope).
thanks for all the help. i appreciate it!
dale b
ontario, canada

mugsy3    Posted 06-14-2001 at 16:43:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Are you asking if you can eat fertilized eggs? Not sure about the wording of your post. If that's the question, the answer is Sure! You won't tell the difference. As long as you are eating them fresh. Don't let the hen sit on them for a few days. Get them refridgerated and they as good as any.

dale b    Posted 06-14-2001 at 18:50:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
yes that was the question i was asking. anoother question is ,,, will a rooster fertilize all the eggs with 10 hens?????
dale b

Stretch    Posted 06-14-2001 at 19:10:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
10 to 1 is fine. He only needs to breed each hen once a week to insure fertile eggs, and if he's got any energy at all that won't be a problem.

Just gather your eggs daily for eating. Keep an eye out for hidden nests. When the hens get that mother instinct, they will hide their eggs until they set. If your birds are loose, sometimes one will disappear for three weeks, only to show up with a brood of chicks.

If you want to hatch some, just leave a nest full and one will go to setting on them. They're not picky. they'll set on each other's eggs.

mugsy3    Posted 06-14-2001 at 21:08:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
A few days ago, one of my hens went missing at close up time. I looked all over for her and found her in the tall weeds behind the garage sitting on a clutch of a dozen eggs! There's a perfect example of what can happen. I don't have any idea how long she's been brooding. I'm assuming just a few days. I have one rooster that is around my hens all the time but he's not very "active". Although I have seen him do his thing a few times. I'm interested to see if any hatch. I'm counting 21 days from the day I found her.

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