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About my well
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Homesteader    Posted 12-17-2002 at 19:24:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I only get back to "the grid" about once a week, so I'm slow responding to anything on the board. Hope y'all forgive me.

A couple of you wanted to know how I planned to use my tractor and loader to drive a shallow well. Well, here ya go:

I bought a short length of large diameter galvanzed pipe that I had threaded on both ends. (24" long.) Caps went on both ends, but I drilled a hole in one of 'em and put an eye bolt through it. Then I filled it with concrete and let it dry.

When I was ready to drive my well I made sure the well point was in (by sledgehammer, whew!) enough to be secure. I put a very large pipe around it to act as a sort of guide for my "driver", sunk just enough that it would stay put.

Then I raised the loader bucket over the whole mess with block and tackle attached, and just manually pulled the rope and dropped it on the pipe I was driving. Sometimes it seemed to work really well, and other times I had to do a lot of assisting with a sledge and some choice language.

Kind of a primitive way to do it, I guess, but it worked. I'm in the Southeast where the soil's pretty good past a thin layer of clay, and the water table's very high. (I'm actually just a couple of miles from the swamps that the real Swamp fox from The Patriot hid from the British in.)

Anyway, I've got a shallow well pitcher pump setup now, which sure beats having to haul all my water in. Thanks for the advice and interest earlier! (And my apologies for the long-winded post. I guess spending so much time alone in the woods has that effect!)

Lazy Al    Posted 12-18-2002 at 06:25:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Homesteader , Sorry didn't see your post on your
well driving But here's a way to save alot of
sweat on your next one , as long as you have a tractor .
Make your self a tripod for over the well .
then make a swivel that you can bolt on a lug of a rear tire and a hook on one of the outer bolts
bent in a way that will catch a rope and let it slip off ,
Now park the tractor out a bit jack up the back tire with the swivel and hook on (set the other brake and block it ) run a rope through the swivel ,up through a pulley on the top of the tripod and down to you driver now put the tractor in low, slow as you can idle it and let the hook catch the rope on the well side and slip
off on the other side .
hold the rope and feed it as necessary and make
sure your guide is long enough so's to keep the
driver banging on the pipe ,
I use a drive coupling on top with a steel plate on top of that .
you can tell when you hit water by pouring water down the pipe . it will hold water untill your
drive screen gets in water , Water won't stand on water ,

Ray    Posted 12-18-2002 at 03:23:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Great job on the well driving its great to have good water close at hand. A friend up the road uses a truck axle dropped down inside the pipe like a slide hammer while standing on the tailgate of his truck. Here in eastern NC we have a high water table and lots of deep sand.

capbuster    Posted 12-18-2002 at 21:43:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Excuse me for soundin dumb, but is this a open at the end pipe that goes in the ground?

Hogman**NOPE**********    Posted 12-19-2002 at 05:25:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ya got a "DRIVE POINT" followed by a screen hooked to tha pipe. This gives Ya tha well point.

You can pump that pipe or stick another one down it and just use tha driven pipe as well casing. Make sense?????

buck    Posted 12-17-2002 at 21:15:15       [Reply]  [No Email]

Outstanding show of homesteader engineering there- glad to hear that you got water at hand now. After all that pounding could you tell it that concrete was still in one piece or just little pieces inside that pipe.

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