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Country Discussion Topics
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Tractor Kid and raves ... now there's a contrast.
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Alberta Mike    Posted 06-20-2001 at 16:46:57       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Up in these parts, there's lots of controversy about kids going to these all night (and I mean all night) dance partys called "Raves". And of course, lots of stuff goin' on that nobody wants to admit to. Even parents of these kids seem to support the idea saying that it's keeping them off the streets, it's supervised (gasp), etc. Meanwhile, I read in the Tractor Talk forum about a young fella (14) who is looking forward to restoring his Ford NAA this summer and he's looking for a little advice and help. Now, where would you rather have your 14 year old son, at a "rave" or fixin up a little Ford in your backyard shop. Too bad more kids didn't see the true beauty and enjoyment in something like that, not necessarily tractors, but anything done with your hands. My hat's off to the youngster. Hopefully he'll post where he lives and maybe some of you fellas that might live nearby could get in touch with him. Amen !!!

Larry    Posted 06-21-2001 at 19:40:25       [Reply]  [Send Email]

When I was a kid we called it a "Beer Party". It was a lot of fun until we got caught. I sweated off a lot of beer in a hay mow on a hot summer day.

Murphy    Posted 06-21-2001 at 11:21:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bein' a city kid, wrenching with my dad is probably what kept me out of the most trouble. Schooling began as soon as I could figure out numbers on wrenches. I was forever fetching a "9/16 box end" or a "common screwdriver" when working on restoring the Model A or various other cars. It is still a real part of my brother's life and mine. Both of us are doing all we can to pass it on to our little ones. (Besides, it gives us a good excuse to always keep on the lookout for "projects" be they tractors, cars, trucks, etc., etc., etc... :))

Canadian Cowboy    Posted 06-20-2001 at 21:57:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You know us youth where all not ALL bad! Its the city, trendy youth that seem to give the rest of us a bad name. Some county youth have never even heard of or even been to a rave, But you can't fault the city ones for going, Look at most of the poster's on this message board, where you guy's any diffrent when you where our age's. When your young like we are, life is there for the taking. We lack you years of experience, and you have forgoten what its like to be young.

But life goes around in a big circle, one day I will be in your shoe's "wondering whats wrong with the youth today" and Im sure that they the youth of tommorow will be wondering why they have it so hard compared to me when I was growing up.

Basicly were to young to know whats its like to be old and your to old to know what its like to be young, realy it's nothing new, its only been going on since the begining of human kind!

Any how im just here to talk about tractors and country living, cause thats what this youth is into instead of the rave's and all night parties.

dj dunkin    Posted 01-02-2002 at 18:16:45       [Reply]  [Send Email]
look all im a dj i throw raves and dj raves there not as bad you all think. its not any worse than what gose on at a high school kids partie out in the country w/ 3 kegs and drunk passed out kids not knowing were they are the next day.
ya see nothing like that happens at raves onnce and awhile yeah but not much we take care of each other and we stay safe and for your info when im done at a partie i come home work and when i get back home from work i work on my 1969 mustang. raves aint a bad thing its not about the drugs its about the passion of the music!

Bob (WI)    Posted 06-20-2001 at 20:12:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
After I was diagnosed with heart disease my then 8 year old son told me he wanted to do a father son tractor restoration, well as of Monday the tractor is bought, a 1948 Farmall Cub, he is also getting the tractor as of June 2nd for his reward for working so hard, (He's 9 now) he made First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2 & 1/2 years, he worked his butt off to earn the belt and the tractor, more kid's his age should get involved in Tae Kwon Do in my opinion, it's hard work and has alot of discipline, 2 years in a row he got the award for hardest training student and not by our choice, he wanted to go to class everyday, what am I getting at? Well parents find something your children enjoy that you approve of and take a interest in it, but also introduce them to your hobbies and you'll be suprised how close you'll get with your kids, My wife and I are very very proud of our son and we are working at finding what our daughter is interested in as well as getting her interested in our small hobby, tractors, so in a few years we'll be looking for another deal on a tractor for her.

Tractor Dad    Posted 06-21-2001 at 16:38:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We have a Farmall A (1941) that is in really good shape (after we freed up the stuck motor. Lots of fun working and watching him worka nd get fired up about old iron!

Cal S    Posted 06-20-2001 at 18:03:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
A M All those RAVE parties are used for is to cover as drug parties. All the new designer drugs are distributed in this fashion. There's beena couple of kids die here in Northern ILLINOIS at those rave parties from the date rape drugs passsed around. Cal S

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