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Country Discussion Topics
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Which Breed Of Cow?
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Juliana    Posted 01-17-2003 at 19:40:57       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi Everyone! New to this site and I love it! I want to buy a small place so am doing some research about having a cow. Which breed is better for the milk/cream and being "tame"? The Guernsey or the Jersey? I want only one cow with calf, that to be steaks later on. Thanks in advance, Juliana

Spence    Posted 01-18-2003 at 20:13:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Jersey, of course. You may have to skim a little more cream off the top of the milk, but you'll have less milk, (but still in the gallons).

They are very calm and friendly, need a bit more sheltering in the cold. Some say they'll follow you everywhere and are very sociable.
And someone I know said they had the meat and it's very good, but you get smaller amounts.

One more tip, don't get too attached to her, my family's mistake.

JK-NY    Posted 01-18-2003 at 07:08:35       [Reply]  [No Email]

I agree with the rest a jersey would be your best bet, breed to a beef bull for meat from calf, or breed to jersey and buy a calf and raise two. When I was milking cows I also found a jersey- holstein cross was a good cow. when the cow is fresh you might be overrun with the milk from a good cow unless you have alot of people to use itup.If your fluid milk needs arent as high you might want to look into a milk goat.My sister has had one for years and Ive tended it if they went away. One goood goat will keep a family in milk, with a lot less feed or faclities needed for a cow. Hope this helps JK

Ron/PA    Posted 01-18-2003 at 04:57:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Juliana, Pretty much what Burrhead said, If it were me, I would consider the Jersey for milking, depending on how large your family is, and raise a holstein steer for eating. You can pick up a bully calf for a good price, and they will give you a better cut of beef.
The jersey will give you a much better butterfat content and provide more options for using your milk.
Later, Ron
PS if you have kids, and they have never had raw milk before, get ready for a revolt, (grin)

Burrhead    Posted 01-17-2003 at 22:46:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have kept a good Jersey for house milk and butter but I keep Holstein for nurse cows.

Both the folks are right about what they told you.

The Jersey is by far the best all around homestead milk cow IMHO, but I never had a Holstein that was bad tempered either. I have had mean Guernsey milk cows.

The Holstein will give about twice as much milk than the Jersey but it's lower cream in it, and it cost about twice as much to keep a Holstein.

Corey    Posted 01-17-2003 at 21:06:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
We used to have at different times a family cow and for a hand milked cow, I would definitely recomend a Jersey with a guernsey a close second. A Holstein tends to be a little big and can be hard to handle if you get in a bind. Jerseys and guernseys both have a good disposition and rich milk, breed either one of these breeds to an Angus bull, will throw a small easy to birth calf that will be great for meat.

countryhurl    Posted 01-17-2003 at 20:16:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I am fairly new to cows but the research I had done days Holstens, very good milk cow, friendly,
and good meat, I was told to stay away from jersey
breed meat wasn't that good and poor feed/weight gain ratio. you can pick up holsten bull (we turn into steers) at about 4 days old for $25-35 we paid $25 for each bull. we also pick up a heifer to keep and breed.
hope info helps

JT    Posted 01-18-2003 at 08:35:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
I Have to agree with previous post.A holstein steer will finish out in 16-20 months.A Jersey on the other hand will take 30 months to finish if you are lucky plus the meat yield is poor.My reccomendation would be the Normande breed,known both for meat & milk.

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