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I'm a free web junkie.
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Spence    Posted 01-20-2003 at 17:28:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm a real tightwad on the web, can't explain it. Some sites would offer their stuff at practically a give away, 5 bucks 10 bucks a month, and you get alot too.

Scrooge hasn't got anything on me as far as web
services are concerned. The first thing I look for is how much.

For instance free search engines. I'd rather run my free subscription to just before the end of my time limit then do a typical western jump to the next covered wagon engine. I'd rather be a member of 3 free search engines sites with each at 8000 hits than pay for one that has 100000.

It could be because I don't know enough about
everything that I don't feel confident enough to be a payer like those who actually know their requirements. As a novice you know more what you want it to do in layman's terms. As you learn more you can start to talk techie and you have a better chance at having your problems solved. Don't believe me? Check out some troubleshooting sites. The lower the cost to get you to this point, the better off you are.

For instance free servers. Web experts can describe their web page installation problems using techie jargon based on familiarity. If you ask a layman's question, you set yourself up for a mark.

Q "Does anyone know how to make my picture come up in the corner of my page"

A "Well if you had previously selected your CGI option for platform Windows and preconfigured the gizmo to call your forms processor in the first place, then you could have programmed your ASP to PHP on your IIS."

You can almost see the guy tempted to add, DUHHH to the end of the answer.

Ask a simple question where everyone knows your a rooky, and your open to this kind of gabble.

Maybe one day I'll know how everything works and what they are called, then my questions will include a few possible solutions. Right now all I can say is "it doesn't work when I do this". Saying that when I'm forking over 40$ a month doesn't inspire troubleshooting thought, only the thought of HOW MUCH THIS %^%$#$ IS COSTING ME.
Right now my project is to download a desktop version of Apache for testing only, then learn PHP
so I can post my site on a server, then maybe I'll even pay for it. I heard people are having installation problems. Now needless to say and you understand, I'd be forking over big bucks to have it not work, and worst of all not be able to explain the problem. See what I mean?. And yes you guessed it, .... Spence got Apache FREE.

I heard someone say "buy a manual". Just an hour ago I visited a site where a fellow bought an 80$ troubleshooter manual. He was posting a question because the answer wasn't in the manual.
So he had to revert back to Spence's psychology of thinking, and ended up posting is problem for a "free" answer.

Until I understand all there is to know about this science, I'll be a "Freebie".

Nathan(GA)    Posted 01-20-2003 at 18:46:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
This place has a free tutorial that's interesting. I did it several months ago, but never uploaded it to a site.

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