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Gary,Mt.Hermon,La    Posted 02-04-2003 at 02:59:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
I put the saausage in the smokehouse. I got 'bout 80 lbs. Hope the humidity and temp stay down for atleast 30 hours. Good morning.

Mac    Posted 02-04-2003 at 07:21:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Gary, Will you describe your smokehouse steup and how you fire it. I want to build one and all the Grandfathers are gone that used smokehouses around here. The only one I know of is at the meat market but it is not the back yard type. My Dad is 80 but he never messed with the smoker. Thanks

Gary,Mt.Hermon, La.    Posted 02-04-2003 at 16:20:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well it's built out of scrap I scavenged from around and about. Started with 4 post in the ground in a 6'by 6' square. Then I poured concrete in a 2x4 frame nailed to the posts. I added used tin to the sides and roof. Leanto roof rafters just 2x4 lumber. Got an old 24" iron pipe and cut a piece maybe 8 to 9 inches high. Welded two threaaded studs to the opposite sides and cut holes around the stud then cut flat iron to mount to the stud attached with a hex nut for a damper to control the air flow across the coals. Then added legs and handles for convenience.

I added a frame about 6 feet up on the inside of the posts so I'd have a place to hang the sticks. I use ironwood, don't know the techinical name, just some old wild hedge that grows in the woods that is hard as iron and will dull your chainsaw in a heartbeat, but it don't bend or sag much under light weight.

I hang the sausage in curls from the sticks then set the ends on opposite sides of the frame built on the inside or the posts. Making sure non of the sausages touches any other sausage so there is air flow freely throughout it all.

I have one solid used exteerior door and about one half inch gap from the sides to top on all four sides of the structurre for smoke relief.

I start my fire outside the smoke house in the 24"pipe with small pieces of red oak, get a pretty good start on a coal bed then add small cuts of green Hickory, move the pot into the smoke house, close the door and open a beer (optional). As the green wood gets hot and dries it will smolder to ash so you must pay attention to the smoke output and add green wood as necessary.

This is my first time smoking sausage and it seems to be doing fine. I put it in at 945 this morning and it is already starting to dry and change to that rich red smoked color. Another 24 hours should just about do it right.

Mac in MS    Posted 02-05-2003 at 07:09:31       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanks. Sounds like that will be some good sausage. I want to rig up to do jerky.

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