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Country Discussion Topics
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My Missouri Coyote Problem
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VW(Mo)    Posted 02-05-2003 at 13:41:52       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You never know when you may find yourself in a similar situation of having a problem with coyotes.

Some time ago I (with information provided by a friend) took a chance and contacted a man at It took awhile for him to make it out to our farm in Eastern Missouri (Richwoods) but he visited last weekend (finally) and removed a mated pair that had taken up residence.

Due to our farm's size he didn't try to trap them but moved about calling to the coyotes. When they heard him and came he simply shot them (now why didn't we think of that, Ha!). He didn't charge anything just said he enjoyed getting them.

Got them in MA    Posted 02-07-2003 at 16:55:34       [Reply]  [Send Email]
They woke me and the wife out of deep sleep last night. I've been thinking of getting chickens this year. Maybe no such a good idea?

lenababy    Posted 02-06-2003 at 19:33:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
hey missouri, we are right below you in arkansas. because of the chicken houses located here there has been a huge increase in the coyote population. I don't kill things just for fun, but the coyotes are becomeing a real nuicence. a few weeks ago, one of the cows had calved when i went out to check them. In the middle of the afternoon on a nice clear day, she was being followed & harrased by a small pack of coyote's. the calf was disoreantated & weak (had not got a chance to suck yet).. they are getting really brave here

VW(Mo)    Posted 02-06-2003 at 07:23:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had asked about pups and the response was coyotes unlike dogs have a regular 'season'. The pairing up and mating season is just getting underway so there would be no pups until @May. That made me feel better since there would be no orphans suffering.

As far the coyotes catching on, those two didn't an now I don't have to deal with the next generation they would have produced. Also, I don't like having to worry about where my cat has gone, and if she will come home. Unfortunately, other coyotes will probably move in and make a new home.

Ludwig    Posted 02-06-2003 at 10:24:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
Actually there was a time in the yuppie town where my parent's live that all the cats around were dissappearing. Town decided somebody was obviously stealing the cats. Turned out the coyote population was on the rise and they were eating all the cats...

Ludwig    Posted 02-06-2003 at 07:23:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
Coyotes are also attracted by scent. We made a bear bait out by the camp one year and got coyotes rather than bears. That year the town was having an awful time and would pay like $2 bounty. I shot a bunch of them that year. I'd sit on the dam above where the bait was just at dusk or dawn and blast 'em. Surprisingly you could get two or three at a go. You'd think the noise and one dying would make 'em learn, but they'd come right back. After a couple died the rest'd get smart for a day. We used stinky lobster shells for bait, they could never resist!

mojo    Posted 02-05-2003 at 20:40:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
that's a pretty good sport, coyotes aren't stupid (live ones, anyway!). trick is to get them feeling confident. bait calls like a wounded rabbit or something and they come a runnin'. the babes just take an easy food source regularly and you can also knock them off. don't know about the zoo thing, but i do wish hide prices would come back. the rabbits, squirrels, cats, quail, turkey...etc would benefit. bobcats are a getting to be a problem in western mo.

Les    Posted 02-05-2003 at 14:33:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
If this is true, why does he keep it a secret? Or is he the only one with the talent to do it? I can't believe that coyotes wouldn't catch on to that game pretty fast.

bob ny    Posted 02-05-2003 at 14:40:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
les it sounds like the ones that play the game only p;ay once not much catching on

cowgirlj    Posted 02-05-2003 at 14:06:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hope you're good at ducking friend. I have no doubt that your post will cause some flac with certain folks here.
I have a neighbour here who recently described in great detail, how as kids they scooped baby coyotes out of dens, after killing the parents, with a pole cross tied with sticks, and that had barbed wire wrapped, curled and twirled off it in all directions. Then they would stick this down the den hole, swirl it around, and the pups would get caught up in the wire. The pups apparently fetched a good price from the local zoo.

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