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Country Discussion Topics
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'Diggin In'
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Jimbob    Posted 02-09-2003 at 14:18:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm rather new to this site. So, here goes: How many of you are about self-sufficient on your farm? I am quickly headed in this direction after many years of a 'city type good paying job' (the job is long gone after 20 years). I'm cutting monthly expenses to the 'bone' so to speak & 'diggin in'. I don't like what I'm seeing & hearing out there in the economy.

it's not that tough......the pink panther    Posted 02-09-2003 at 15:49:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
jimbob,we come up with the idea to be debt free and be self-sufficient about two years ago. we have always raised a garden and our own meat,but it takes a lot more to go all the way.we increased our garden size to almost one acre.we canned four to five hundred quarts of produce during the beans,tomatoes,tomatoe juice,kraut,apple sauce,and pickles.we froze corn,broccoli, and califlower.
we started raising more bottle calves and more hogs, spacing them out so we would have meat year around.raising our own hay and feed for the livestock also helps.we sell the surplus produce and livestock to help pay for the extra feed and the processing of the livestock.
recently i quit dipping snuff and the wife quit smoking.that saves us $7.50 a day.
we very seldom go out to eat.instead of renting a movie try finding a book you would find interesting. it will cost you $6.99 and will keep you entertained for three days instead of three hours for the same amount of money.
we both drive older trucks,so we have no car payments.
these are just a few things we have done to "tighten up". we really don't suffer. we have just set new priorites. we are 38 and 43 years 40 and 45 we will have a small and modest home built and paid for.
not everyone would be happy with our lifestyle.we enjoy it. i could go on and on with my ideas on how to live..........but i won't. i hope i didn't come off sounding like a know it all parent.hahaha.hope my ideas are of some help. if you need anything else feel free to holler or e-mail.PP

Willy-N and Digging out too!    Posted 02-09-2003 at 19:46:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
Pink Panther; You seem to be doing it right. Enought meat being raised to pay for more, along with the way you think on your garden. Since it is better to raise more to sell some to pay for what you eat. What drives most off in doing this is the romance of it is gone when the real work begins and the dreaming stops. You can prepare all you want, but doing it will tell wether you figured right or cut out for the type of life you must live. We go out to restraunts a couple of times a year. Do not take vacations because of the animals (haven't in 19 years) allways have work needing done. No waste in what you raise feed it to the animals and eat them later. It all takes time and you have to learn by trial and error no free ride sitting on the porch either! Animals get sick and you have to stand out in the cold wet rain and help them or lose them. Don't cut enought wood for the year and winter gets cold fast or you buy the extra you need because it is all under snow now. The well quits Do-Do hits the fan fast when the troughts dry up and the tolets quit working. I had to fix my well today just stopped. Everyone was closed for the day and I needed a Capasitor to fix it. Found one at another pump re-pairmans house. Had the pump quit in a snow storm once was no fun pulling 350 ft+ of pipe up to fix a broken wire in 15 deg weather blowing snow on a Sunday tring to get it all back together befor it froze up in the pipe pulled out of the well casing. Fire burning all the pastures for your animals and allmost burning them up too along with your place. Snowed in for a week plus and running out of cigs, coffie (now I keep plenty of them during the winter) and tolet paper too! Having the whole Garden lost in a few hours because af a off year frost and not enought time to plant another and have it grow something you can eat. Building a tarp over a Down Cow and rebuilding it every few hours to keep it out of the sun when it moved a little. Keeping this up for several day feeding it by hand along with water not to mention the new born calf that was hungrey you now had to feed by bottle. After all this you shoot the Cow because it won't get up! Having Calves bloat and sticking them with neadles to let the air out to save them, feeding them by hand 4 times a day and washing the bottles and steralizing them each time. Yes I love the country and been tested many times and it is not for everbody but I stay and try to make it easier every year learning from the last one! These are the things people don't mention buring the dead during the winter and taking care of the rest. They don't wait for you to feel good for feeding time, you do it sick or not. This is a great life and you make it work for you rain or shine. Those shinny days make up for the wet cold ones that went wrong. I realy think more people should talk about some of the work and not so much of the fun stuff so more will have a real idea what they are getting into. Poor Cindy was having so much fun with the new litter of pigs and the next miniute she could lose all of them including the sow. This is all part of living in the country too! Done Ranting for a while you seem to have a good handle on what you are doing. Enjoy the life I sure do!! Mark H.

Jimbob    Posted 02-09-2003 at 16:22:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
About where I am headed. No debt, no auto or house payments. 1800sq ft home with 8 foot deep basement...plenty of storage. 40' x 60' hip roof type pole barn with lean-to greenhouse (Michigan needs early start) & lean-to animal pens/chicken coop going up this spring. Our winter hay storage will go up on the second floor. We plan having 20 or so chickens, two goats, rabbits & two pigs. I have a tractor, just need a bailer for hay field. I also have a small Case 446 with a rear mount rototiller for the garden. We are prepared for canning at least 1000 qts. We also heat with wood. Both my wife & I are employed part time. My job allows assembly at home. We feel pretty good with it.

sounds good........PP    Posted 02-09-2003 at 17:17:30       [Reply]  [Send Email]
you guys have got things going your way.wood heat was one of the other things i have figured in.... we have 30 rick of hedge wood stacked up. 1000 qts is a great thing. if you have a bad year, you will be able to hang on till next year.good luck!PP

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