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Country Discussion Topics
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STRANGE visitor to the Birdfeeder!!!
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Lynch in E.TX    Posted 02-12-2003 at 01:17:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Got out of bed to the dog barking wildly, and went outside to see what it was...figured a coon or possum....nope....had a giant mule eating from my birdfeeders in the yard right in front of the screened-in porch...I mean a BIG mule...he was the neighbor behind me's came and got him and we got a good laugh...lives on the 30 acres behind my 25...I imagine the birds didn't put up much protest...he must have been 20 hands tall or better...Lynch

I'm just glad that this....    Posted 02-12-2003 at 07:06:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
...mule didn't bust up the birdfeeders...cuz one of them is really old and I would have been mad...but he broke the roof off of big deal....the neighbor is an old family friend........had a horse in Austin that came to our place every few weeks, until I kept him the last time...the guy called the Justice of the Peace and he got there and I told him the guy could have his horse back when he paid for the damage he did to my yard and garden every time he came over...the Justice was cool...but he made me give the horse back for nothing, but told the guy if it came back one more time that he would have to pay me double and pay a big fine also...never saw him again...apparently he was swimming across the guy's pond and getting out that way...he had no fence in back of the pond...Lynch

Salmoneye    Posted 02-12-2003 at 03:38:54       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Never had a mule come visit...

The horses from across the road get loose now and then...The owner knows to come collect them from my little meadow or my yard depending on season...The meadow is all Red Clover with some vetch that got into it and the yard has Wild Rose scattered...They come for the Rose Hips in the fall...

Cindi    Posted 02-12-2003 at 04:27:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have thirty some odd cattle that come to visit from time to time, I think after the last time when I called the sheriff's office, that they may not be coming anymore. There was two of them in the back yard and they were ripping open bags of feed in the shed. Rocky the calf also goes visiting. He gets in the neighbor's pasture which is not fenced off and I call my neighbor to tell her.
"Ya won't me ta send Champ (her dog) to fetch him back fer ya'?" She says when I call her
"I'fn ya don't mind" I say to her.
So she does. It's almost a daily ritual.

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