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A Question for the Ladies!
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Dave Olson Illinois    Posted 02-14-2003 at 07:14:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Does your husband collect old tractors? If so, did/do you understand or is this just a Guy thing!

You may have figured out by reading this that the Old Iron Bug has bitten me! My wife thinks Iím out of control and out of my mind! She is really upset with me!

I was bitten last fall and have decided that I am going to collect tractors that represent examples of what we had when I was a kid (45 or more years ago) on the farm.

I cannot use any of these tractors (we live in town). I already have 2 and seriously looking at 3-4 more. And I've aquired a trailer to haul them on. I hope I will stop buying before I run out of room in my shop to store them! I may take some of them to local shows or have them in parades. Mostly just putt around with them.

We all know that there are worse things that one can spend money on than spend it on old tractors. As long as I care for them, they will always have value, even if it is in my estate after Iím gone.

Can anyone help me to explain to my wife of 40 years why I have/want to do this? I guess at this point I really donít understand either but it feels good/right.

Thanks for your responses.

Dave Olson Ė East Central Illinois

WallSal55 - IL    Posted 02-14-2003 at 19:49:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
You could both drive them in parades!
If she's anything like me, she wouldn't want all
the money to go to one thing, but also to something she enjoys to do or is interested in, too.

Donna from Mo    Posted 02-14-2003 at 13:23:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'll tell you what happened to me: I got conned into going to some big tractor shows, and the Old Iron bug bit me, too. Cliff has three tractors outside that I begged him to buy! If this happens to your wife, I hope you guys have some money stashed, or good jobs, or both.

Dave Olson    Posted 02-14-2003 at 19:04:22       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Hello Donna,

You make a very good point. Anytime Peg and I have become interested in the same thing we end up spending a whole lot more!

I have spent around $7,500 so far on the two tractors, trailer, parts, manuals, etc. I will spend about $1,000 each on the next two tractors. If I get the other two they will be in the $2,500 area.

If I need to do very much (repairs) to any of them I will to touching $20,000 without any help from her!!

Guess I better quit complaining and be glad she doen't make me sleep with the tractors!! :-)

This is a picture of my 1930 Case C sittin in my shop.

Thanks again for your toughts,

Dave Olson

Farmwench    Posted 02-14-2003 at 12:32:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
Buy a tractor or 2 with the intent of reselling at a profit- that means just clean it up and get it in good working order, not spend a fortune to restore to factory specs. If your wife sees a little cash coming in, she'll be less worried about the cash going out. I have a friend who has been a Civil War buff and collector since he was a kid. He says his wife used to hate it; worried and fussed about all the money he put in to old pieces of "junk". Until he sold a piece or 2 for a handsome profit. Now he says she encourages him to buy when he finds a bargain (and will make sure he has cash in his pocket when he goes to shows, etc.!). He sells often enough to keep his wife happy, and to have cash handy for the next find. Might work for your wife, too. (Wouldn't hurt if you spent the tractor profit on something useful she's been wanting.) Good luck.

Maggie/TX    Posted 02-14-2003 at 10:07:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dave, tell your wife that (if you can afford this "habit") there are a lot worse habits you could have. You could be an alcoholic or a gambler, in which case you'd just be throwing your money away down the drain. You could be a golfer, in which case you'd be gone most of the time on the links. You could be a boat enthusiast, in which case you'd be gone all the time out on the boat and she'd have to wonder if you were really out on the boat and alone, know what I mean? Your hobby keeps you working on the tractors right there when she can keep an eye on you and you can sell the tractors for a profit later, which is a good thing. Also, you are right there handy when your wife wants to hand you the latest "Honey Do" list. :)

Dave Olson    Posted 02-14-2003 at 10:45:59       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Hello Maggie and thanks for your response.

About 18 years ago my wife wanted to have another Plastic Car. It is our third. We didn't need another car but she wanted another one! Here is a recent picture. I got a '72 Corvette for her in 1985. She grew tired of it after a couple years (she was really thrilled when we first got it though). The Corvette Bug bit my wife and me before we were married!

She has been after me to sell it for many years and use the $ to pay bills! We still have it. I know I will never have another. Gotta admit it looks kinda neat seeing a 31-year-old car sitting next to my 73 year old Case C and the 58-year-old Farmall H in my shop. Don't drive the car much but it is still fun to tool around in on a nice day. Sounds neat too! :-)

The reason I bring this car into this thread is that I have found we can "Afford" anything we want if we really want it and are willing to do without other things if that is what it takes.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Dave Olson

bob ny    Posted 02-14-2003 at 08:36:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
as a COLLECTOR i can say it is expensive to do it right after looking all over for parts,paint,
and decals along with manuals you will not be able to sell or trade they become part of you
i have six tiger tractors and there is nothing like receiving a first place trophy at a show
as far as the wife she and i joined a tractor club and at meetings and shows the wives get together and help set up and go look at the venders displays she seems to enjoy it as much as i do i wish you luck but be prepared to work long hours and rushing to get ready for the next show you can not expect to make them all so don't try

Willy-N    Posted 02-14-2003 at 08:10:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
My wife wonderd too till I was able to trade/sell them for things needed around the place. Since I started in tractors I figure I must have had over 15 now in a little over a year or so. She would not understand if I had kept them all but I still get to go out and buy more along with old trucks. So I still have the fun of doing that. Mark H.

Jimbob    Posted 02-14-2003 at 07:24:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Perhaps old tractors will appreciate in value like in the past outperforming inflation, if so, the investment is wise. Just keep a 'liquid' cash reserve if an emergency comes up.

Now, go ahead Ladies.....Jimbob nt    Posted 02-14-2003 at 08:33:21       [Reply]  [No Email]

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