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Aternoon Salmoneye and everybody
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Patria / PR    Posted 02-17-2003 at 10:38:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
What a beautiful place!
I didn't have a chance to seat at the comp yesterday so I read your post today and also the replys, therefore, every one of my questions were answered.

Wow, you guys are blessed! Your place has so many possibilities, either by selling now, or better yet, by staying. I believe there's time enough to enjoy what you have now, in my oppinion, and maybe sell later without any rush at all. Do you live close to the lake?

Those are some nice pics, is that a mapple tree? What a beauty..checked in the web and found a nice site about them, wow, their color range is amazing!

Your post about living in Vermont brought back some scary memories to me.:-)
Five years ago I had to [try to] book this family, of four well informed ski freaks, a package to a ski resort in Vermont. But there was this tiny, small detail; I had never sold a ski vacation before, and even worse, had never been in one.

Had to think fast!! I couldn't let them ask any questions because I knew I didn't have any of the answers, yet. I thought that if they had been skiing before I could put to work PlanB and maybe they would be more than happy to be 'interviewed'[?] about their experiences. They had never been to Vermont, "great:-)"... I took notes and before they knew it I was walking them OUT the door with the promise to bring myself all the info to the wife's office the morning after. "I want to check on the status on some very nice packages our operators 'had last week'." hehe

Needless to say I had to come back home that night and research everything there was to know about ski resorts in Vermont. They liked Bolton Valley Resort and off they went, everything worked out great for them, and of course for me also.

I have been to most of the states, but only to IL, IN and NY on the north part. I want to visit ME, NH, VT and MT, but first, got a lot of $'s printing to do..

PS: The blizzard storm news are all over our local news channels and also on our newspaper front page. I'm watching CNN now and it seems like tomorrow won't get any better.
Take Care

Les...fortunate    Posted 02-17-2003 at 11:19:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
It hasn't started to snow yet in central NH (Ski Country!). Looks like we're not going to escape it entirely. Salmoneye might, though.

Patria / PR    Posted 02-17-2003 at 13:09:20       [Reply]  [Send Email]
But it's cold enough already, if you asked me..
I was wondering..I heard that restaurants and shops didn't open today, not because it's a holiday but because of the severe weather. But what about the people working in hospitals and first hand services, how do they get to their jobs? if they can get where they need to go at all. I know it's a silly question but there are emergencies happening all over, and seems to me that the people from these places are just blocked from going around their normal lives altogether. oh well, is it my ignorance talking, or is it really as bad as I perceive it from the other side of the ocean?

I think that the impression I had at 3am is the one calling the shots today, moodwise I mean.
For some reason I couldn't fall asleep early last night, so when the movie was over it was close to 1:30am. Turned the tv off and tryied to sleep, to no avail. Woke up and went to the livingroom to read and watch some tv. When suddenly the sofa I was in started to tremble. I was about to get a blanket because I was feeling a little cold so I thought it was me who was trembling from the cold. It wasn't me. The feeling went in a cressendo kind of level, you know what I mean? the sofa was moving, the plastic empty cup on the table was shaking this point is when I should have run to the bedrooms and wake everybody up, but what did I do? Glued myself to the @#$%^& sofa!! I couldn't move!! So there I was for about 20 seconds, shut-scare.
It's not very commom for ppl to notice these earth tremblings. Sometimes the seismology gurus will anounce that PR had a light activity and that it is also 'normal', we'll say "oh well good that nothing happened and that I didn't notice".
But this time I did. Then all these news about blizzards didn't help my mood either. I pray it doesn't get worse. Take Care, drive carefuly and be save.

Salmoneye    Posted 02-17-2003 at 13:22:35       [Reply]  [Send Email]
When we get that much snow...I find myself almost giddy...I sincerely love 'snow events'...I actually drive around just for the fun of it...Lock her in 4 and ride, baby...I just do not understand how anyone considers it a problem...Our plows would have been out in shifts for the last two days keeping the roads open and sanding...only time they will close a road is if there is a section that is getting blown closed behind the plow...otherwise, they are right on top of it here...

Maryland and DC are just starting to 'dig' out according to the news here...If they stayed on top of it from the beggining, they would be done when the snow stops falling...

All IMHO of course...


Then maybe you're going to the....**Patria**    Posted 02-17-2003 at 13:46:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
..Philips US Open snowboarding championships?
I believe is in march. I found this event news when researching about Burlington this morning.

Nah...    Posted 02-17-2003 at 14:19:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I used to ride as much as 100 days a year back when I worked for Burton Snowboards...Then along came our Daughter (read light of my life and reason for living there) and I have not been to a 'real' ski area since...Mostly due to money limitations...

I still have a few boards and do get out a couple times a winter, but only by hiking places I know...Alot quieter that way too ;-)

When I was working for Burton, I used to work a few events every year at the US Open...Where else, other than by being an Officer Of The Law, can one get paid to play with a radar gun...

Salmoneye    Posted 02-17-2003 at 12:06:47       [Reply]  [Send Email]
They are still calling for 4-7 inches here before morning...Sure smells like it now that you can smell anything...

Yes...That is the Maple right outside our bedroom window (big one sort of obscured by the tree)...That was 2 falls ago I think...

And yes...We live about a mile from Lake Champlain...This pic is the little creek around the corner by the town beach...2nd pic I took by turning 90 degrees from the first pic...

This last pic is of my 8N in the meadow out back...The trees in the background are some more of my maples...

I love Bolton...Great place to ride...I have spent alot of time there since I was maybe 9 or 10...Good choice for a family vacation...

Patria / PR    Posted 02-17-2003 at 13:39:33       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey Salmoneye, what you got there is a goldmine, anyway you look at it. Maybe your daughter should have a say about your intentions of selling [I'm talking for your daughter of course LOL]. I've always had in the back of my mind to own a small inn someday. My husband loves the idea also.
How much did you said? $500,000. BRB, gotta change the $$ printer's ink cartrige.

The bridge pic reminded me of a novel I read years ago; The Bridges of Madison County. Saw the movie years later.

Salmoneye    Posted 02-17-2003 at 14:21:57       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The Girl will have a say, though I can not guarantee that it will sway us once the 'decision' is made...

Another option is to get a loan, add on to our 'deer camp', and rent this place...

Make someone else pay the Mortgage...And end up owning both places still...

Greg VT    Posted 02-17-2003 at 13:10:47       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Ya had to go and post that picture of the lake...

Ya got me yearning...

Soon...    Posted 02-17-2003 at 13:15:35       [Reply]  [Send Email]
March 21st is coming...When a young mans' fancy turns to shooting muskrats and pickerel...


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