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Country Discussion Topics
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Raised rows
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Taylor Lambert    Posted 02-24-2003 at 09:28:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Has anyone here ever seen raised rows in a garden or feild, a friend of mine says it holds the water in the ground better. Before i build a bedshaper for the tractor id like to get some input. Im also making a plastic mulch layer for one of my experiment rows. I need to find a supplier for 2 foot mulch strips now.
Dad an i have som old discs to cut up to make the bed raiser then ill build the shaper attachment I saw a plow onetime that had 3 arms on a pivot with a plate on the ends to scoop out potholes between the rows but imay go with terraces.
I dont know why we plant so much, we supply vegtables to all the neighbors. only 2 that help out with it but we used to give stuff away but now some folks are too lazy to pick it. Last year we had 7 acres of sweet corn, 2 of peas and several 300 foot rows of beans and squash. Theres this family that doesnt make alot of money for food, i told them i had some fresh vegtables for them. they came to the house and wanted to know where here they were. I told them out in the fields. It was about 95 degrees out and they said oh i though they ere already picked.
We do pick them for elderly folks but ill be d#mned if i shell other peoples peas. I absolutely hate that job lol take care

Fawteen    Posted 02-24-2003 at 14:14:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't understand the purpose of raised rows. It certainly DOES NOT retain water better. A raised row is loosened soil, and water will drain out nearly as soon as it's put on. I suppose the loosened soil might make it a little easier for the roots to penetrate, but I'd be worried about erosion, nutrient leaching and things drying out.

A properly prepared flat seedbed will work just as well, is easier to mulch, and retains water better.

That being said, we DO plant potatoes in hills, and regularly hoe soil from both sides over the plants, creating the effect of a 'raised bed', the purpose being that the potatoes have nice, loose dirt to form in.

Cindi    Posted 02-24-2003 at 09:33:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our rows are about six inches high and we plant in the low part. We have really good drainage so the area doesn't tend to hold water well. Even so last year we lost all our corn to dry weather.

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