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Country Discussion Topics
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Weighing in on the French-
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Mike D    Posted 02-26-2003 at 07:01:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Did any of you watch Dennis Miller on Jay Leno last night?

Pilgrim    Posted 02-26-2003 at 12:54:05       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I agree that the French gov't is being really stupid and most of the time have been that way, BUT I have to think of the people themselves.

During WWII there was a group called the FFI (Free French something) who were the French 'underground'. They were true patriots, loathed the Germans, and did all they could to get the Krauts outta France. They were merciless to the Germans.

During the war, my father was captured by the Germans, escaped and met up with the FFI. He fought with them while they hid him. He was then passed from 'cell' to 'cell' and the FFI finally got him back to his unit. He was hidden in a church where the nuns kept the Krauts out and in wagons, etc getting back to the Allied lines.

While with them, the French Govt awarded him the Croix DeGuerre (equiv of the Medal of Honor) for his actions with the FFI.

These Frenchmen fought bravely to rid their country of the Germans and my father owes his life to them.

I agree that the French official polices have been craap but there are now, and have been in the past, true, brave patriots in that country. I would like them to be remembered for who they are. I wouldn't be here with out them.

kraig WY Anybody read history?    Posted 02-26-2003 at 07:36:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
In WWII, when Gen. Patton started his first campain in North Africa, the first Axis army he fought was the French. They sided with the Germens then too.

However, they also went to war with Greenpeace. Anybody remembering the sinking the "Rainbow Warrior"?

Tom A    Posted 02-26-2003 at 10:17:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The French have never been reliable Allies to anyone. If you remember, they pulled out of NATO command structure at virtually the height of the Cold War. A more pathetic nation never existed.

The Germans have really surprised me, though. I spent a lot of time stationed over there, and they mostly loved us; I was treated very well by everyone I met. Some older Germans claimed to be our 51st state.

Of course, they felt threatened by the Soviet block at that time and we were protecting their butts...I guess this is gratitude.

Tom A

Bandit    Posted 02-28-2003 at 20:06:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Germany doesn't surprise me, we stripped their armed forces and occupied them for years. We tried to create a pacafist nation. Now we want them to fight... Probably best that they don't, they'll build up a nice big army and make a right face somewhere down the road and occupy France again....

Mike D.    Posted 02-26-2003 at 10:42:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Tom,
I was up late with a little guy cutting some teeth, or I would have missed the program. Here is a quote from a once liberal comedian- Dennis Miller.

" I will not call the French scumbags. That is a disservice to bags with scum in them. "

He was on a roll. He vented similarly about the Germans.

Tom A    Posted 02-26-2003 at 11:39:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Mike:

I really don't miss the teething days, sorry you are going thru them now. But this, too, shall pass!


YES    Posted 02-26-2003 at 08:10:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
It is interesting to me that they are so against war, yet willing to develop nukes.

I have been impressed with Spain. They were the first to board that cargo ship full of Scuds from North Korea on their way to the Persian gulf. They have been steadfast throughout this mess.

I feel badly for my father. He lost his baby brother over there. The boys (five of them) had been orphaned. Dad was part cook and nursemaid for the younger guys. They shipped off for Europe, and Paul never came back. Lots of Americans know this experience firsthand. Now this generation of French have a blind eye toward the horrors we delivered them from. They seem too eager to attack the character of the nation that pulled them from a life of servitude. So be it.
We can't forget those that have fallen to protect the freedom of others. Mike

Salmoneye    Posted 02-26-2003 at 08:40:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Iraqs' nuclear stuff has instructions all in French...Just like all their chemical and biological equipment is all in German...

man...    Posted 02-26-2003 at 10:04:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
I wish that was a surprise. Sure don't like it any.

Please check this out.    Posted 02-26-2003 at 07:27:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
French protesters have been shown carrying American flags with swastikas painted over them.
We got an uncle buried in Europe who gave his life
in WW2. Like some of you. Normandy is full of or servicemen who fought to preserve freedom there. Sure is a crime the French have forgotten.
Let Germany and France stand down. Remember it.
But let them go their way.

Got this yesterday- wanted to share it.
Mike D.


Are you aware that Iraq owes 2 1/2 Billion US Dollars to France for airplanes and munitions that Saddam has purchased from them?

Are you also aware that if the current management of Iraq is replaced, that these debts will most likely NOT BE PAID?

Are you also aware that Germany has sold equipment to Saddam for the construction of guided missiles?

Are you also aware that these debts will also be cancelled if Saddam is removed from power?

Why not just re-invest your European industrial common stock/mutual funds, if you still have any.

Ludwig    Posted 02-26-2003 at 08:07:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Not to take any side here, but Saddam's got a poop load of American equipment there too left over from the Iran/Iraq war, thats stuff we GAVE him....
Are you aware that if Saddam stays in power theres no way the French are getting paid? Anybody figures to get any money out of Iraq without a takeover is crazy.
Anybody wants to take over that place is crazy. I'd much rather pave it over for a parking lot.

But I still don't think we have cause enough for an invasion...

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