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Country Discussion Topics
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To everyone in this forum
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Yankee in Ok    Posted 02-28-2003 at 16:07:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know I'm the new kid on the block and maby my opinion does not count but I hope that you all wont stop with all your posts just the way you have been since I have been here.I saw the cartoon and I'm sorry but I found it to be FUNNY.Maby I'm weird or different but it was funny.Please lets all keep posting everything the same way we always have.Cindi dont change.Keep on doing your thing.Maude would be proud of you.Myself if I click on a post and dont like the content I wont read any more of it.So I've said my piece and I will let it go at that.Hope no one is upset with this post.I really enjoy all of you and your thoughts and ideas.God Bless.

donna in wv    Posted 03-01-2003 at 11:49:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
to yankee in ok from a transpanted yankee in w.v . your 100%right the fact that we all have a different opinion is why we all read and visit this site who would visit a site where everyone agreed.think that as long as we respect each others right to voice an opipion even if we don't agree this site will be a great place my grandpa used to say opinions are like bellybuttons!!! everybody's got one

Salmoneye    Posted 03-01-2003 at 03:41:52       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I never said the cartoon wern't funny...


mojo    Posted 02-28-2003 at 21:16:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
back when i started lurking, there was a feller here from iowa, don't recall his signage, he was an viet vet and had an apartment and was trying to hook up with anything on this board (or anywhere)! last i recall he caught one from s.d(?). maybe i answered my own question!
i don't often reply to 'non-country' queries, but introducing yourself doesn't really qualify.
as for myself, i just dove in and am continuing to swim. so join me (us) the waters fine!
buckle up and enjoy the ride, it's worth it here!

Larry    Posted 02-28-2003 at 22:43:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]

That would be IHank. I still have his e-mail addy,but havn't heard from him in a while.

Stan ETenn    Posted 02-28-2003 at 17:51:38       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My name is Stan and I'm a hillbilly. I'm new to this forum and I really enjoy it. I guess I'm what you'all call a lurker. I feel like I know a lot of you like good neighbors. After mail this is the first place I go. I enjoy differences in people, race, location, living status, men, women, kids(God love'em). I enjoy a lively discussion, like so many on this board, but when it comes to name-calling, back-biting, etc. I can't take it. Life's to short, let's enjoy it! Peace to all!

135    Posted 02-28-2003 at 17:01:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
IMO Cindi is the "spice" of this forum.......don't always agree with her but I do like her style (like a good pot of soup would be pretty dull without them "different flavas'")

Kim    Posted 09-05-2007 at 21:11:34       [Reply]  [No Email]

Patria / PR    Posted 02-28-2003 at 16:48:59       [Reply]  [Send Email]
oh Yankee...I love them!! Specially Mark Wahlberg...:-)

Now, talking about being different..:-)

I've been wondering if I'm the only 'hispanic' here on the board..or maybe the only one not hiding behind an english nick and better english than mine.

One thing I'm possitive about is that Cindi is great contributor to this site.

Anyway, don't be a stranger.

Take Care

Donna from Mo    Posted 02-28-2003 at 17:15:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
On a board like this, or in a chat room, nationality isn't an issue, as far as I can see. Barriers are broken down, and what you see is a person's heart and true being. It's a great study in human nature to watch how people react to various forces. You can see the same people reacting in the same ways, time and time again. One thing that impresses me, though, is that when someone is hurting and asks for support or prayers, all the nonsense ceases and the cream rises to the top, so to speak: Everybody rallies to support a hurting member, and I love to see that.

Patria / PR    Posted 02-28-2003 at 17:45:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey Donna!
Great to 'see' you!

I guess you're right, at least from my point of view. I'M BLIND, geographicaly speaking that is..

I like everybody; you're worth loving, until proven otherwise...:-)

BTW, you brought tears to my eyes with your poem about my son. Keep them comming eh?

Randy    Posted 02-28-2003 at 17:10:03       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Patria, really liked Mark Wahlberg in the movie The Big Hit. Think that was the name.

Patria / PR    Posted 02-28-2003 at 17:29:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You're right, what about Boogie Nights? :-)
hehe, from here on we should go to a different board..

Randy    Posted 02-28-2003 at 16:19:58       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Different opinions are great. And we all have different senses of humor. And as long as it doesn't set out to offend people what the heck. I find it very interesting myself. Enjoy your night Yankee.

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