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Country Discussion Topics
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When two worlds collide
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Alvin_Va    Posted 07-27-2001 at 10:06:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Recently there have been lots of posts on moving to the country,mostly dealing with how to buy land,where to buy,how to fit in,etc.This post is not to judge any particluar one or to comment on any specific subject but rather to present an example of what can happen and hopefully benefit someone.Some of the material would be down-rite funny if it didn't affect so many peoples lives.
To set the scene,rural county,situated between two cities,mountains on the north,man made lake as the southern border,disaster waiting to happen.All the things to do and not to do in all the posts on this subject combined.
Rather than attempt to explain what is happening and is going to happen I will direct you to the local papers web site and let you see for yourself. I know ,reading someone elses local news is less exciting than the old paint drying example,will try to steer you to the parts pertinant to this subject,wander around at your own risk.
Start by going to,should open with story about a rooster,for history about why this bird is important,search archives useing word ROOSTER.The bird is actually located a couple miles across the lake in the next county,but it's like an extended community with Bedford,responses will show this as most of the ones presented here are from the Bedford side.The aticles pretty much speaks for themselves about the animosity that exists here between the two sides.The real story here is not about an imitation chicken.

Re.posts about jumping into politics,read 'Retired exec.seeks school board seat',someone else who is going to save us from ourselves.

One last bit of reading for all you country wannabees.Click on Editorials,read 'Conservatively speaking,'pay attention to population figures and growth ,it increased one person at a time.
No finger pointing intended, draw your own conclusions,will reserve my time on the soap box till later.
BTW,sorry I can't post a picture of the chicken,he really is cool,ain't got that far with the puters yet,any of you Va. folk near here got a digital camera?

Dan G/Soganofla    Posted 07-27-2001 at 14:13:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Good story, Alvin. When the yuppies move in in droves and build their subdivisions and malls, there ain't much for country folks to do but sell out and move on. That's a darn shame, but when you boil all the BS out of it, that's what you got.
I think what started all these discussions was a few folks that want to move out there and be a part of country life, and that's a different matter. Most of the ones who posted here seemed to have a somewhat country background, and would probably fit in just fine.
If the land next to you is for sale, buy it if you can. If you can't afford it, then you can't afford the kind of privacy some folks think is a God-given right. When I bought my place, the neighbors weren't too happy. The place had been for sale for five years, and the neighbors were using the barns, grazing the pastures, selling the pecans and eating the fruit, all for free. When I came, all that went away, and they had their noses out of joint. Fact was, they could have bought it, and had control, but they didn't, so I don't feel too bad about it. I can't see that they have anything to whine about.

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