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Wood ducks
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Rhonda Sullivan    Posted 03-19-2003 at 08:41:24       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Is anyone out there interested in Wood ducks? A couple of years ago I rescued a tiny little duck from a creek. I brought it home and raised it with a couple of tame ducklings. As it grew I realized I had a female wood duck. I raised "Woody" with my tame ducks and she became part of my flock. She attracted a mate last spring and hatched 12 babies in a hollow tree near out pond. When they grew to be adults, they all left except her and her mate. My husband and I have built 7 nest boxes and a feeder especially for wood ducks. Now Woody's "kids" are coming back with mates of their own and and checking out the nest boxes! We are so excited to see what happens next. If anyone is interested, please let me know. My email address is:

Briarwood    Posted 03-19-2003 at 12:45:24       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We too have been fascinated with woodducks. We have watched the mother hen raise her cute ducklings on our ponds and seen them navigate around the perimeter in and out of the cattails. We considered building a nest box to encourage more woodducks until our experience of this past year. One morning to our delight we spotted a hen followed with a line five ducklings. Several days later, we watched the ducklings swimming in their usual line near the edge of the cattails but the mother hen was nowhere to be seen. We wondered why she would abandon them while they were still so small. Each day we would look for the parade of the little ducklings and each day the line would be shorter by one until there was only one and then none. What had been the fate of those cute little balls of fluff?

We also had a family of Canada geese on the pond that year. When the four goslings had reached the size of mallards, I heard one literally screaming and looked to see three being led to the opposite shore of our pond by the gander and the mother goose staying close by her endangered gosling as it helplessly thrashed in the water as something was obviously trying to pull it under. I quickly launched our row boat and made my way to the striken gosling fighting for its life. I managed to dislodge a large snapping turtle that had a death grip on the gosling's leg and helped the young goose to shore. We though the young goose would die as it could not walk and seemed in shock. Its mother would not leave its side and in a few days it began hobbling after the others as they fed in our corn field. After a month the gosling seemed as good as new but it certainly survived a traumatic experience if not its early demise.

We decided that we will not put out a nest box to encourage woodducks only to send them to a sure death at the tenacious jaws of a hideous snapping turtle. Our first project is to remove the reptilian preditor. Anyone have a good recipe for turtle soup?


Salmoneye    Posted 03-19-2003 at 12:59:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hamhock on a small cable (like fishing leader)...Attach that to an empty milk jug as a bobber...Attach a stout cord to the jug and sit on the shore or in your boat with the other end tied near you...Wait for the bobber to start moving...Slowly haul in the snapper...Shoot the bugger in the head...boil out and dry the shell, and then sell it to someone for lots of money...

OHHHhhhh...You meant how to 'cook' a turtle...You're on your own for that...


PS...I have seen many a tame and wild fowl leave just a little whirlpool in the water...

DeadCarp    Posted 03-19-2003 at 21:28:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've found out fish consider ducklings a treat too - watching a duck family paddling along and suddenly WHOOSH and one was gone, just like that.
Winner was either a bass or northern, hard to tell. We used to go after big northerns using live mice for bait. Just put a big hook thru them and let them pasddle around. Sounds cruel now, but kids do weird stuff. :)

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